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Where to find comparable pricing models for 3rd party sales of user generated fitness/wellness data?

J.C. Adams Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Cloud 9

April 3rd, 2014

My company is venturing into the world of quantified self and user generated data with our mobile app. Investors are pushing us to financially model future revenues on these services. We certainly have a good handle what users would pay to access premium services. However, we’re not finding a good information source of what 3rd parties pay for comparable user data. For instance, what are general price points for the de-identified data of a freemium fitness / wellness app user? And what multiplier, if any is placed on that data if the user is actually a paying premium customer? 


April 3rd, 2014

Getting pricing for your competitors when it isn't a a publicly-available service for consumers can be difficult.  Can you identify substitutes for your product/service?  You might consider devoting some effort to a skunkworks project to dig deeper.