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What top 5 things to entertainment B2B advertisers want?

GigsList Music Media and Entertainment B2B Resource

March 9th, 2020

Anybody here with experience in b2b ad sales to the entertainment industry? Expanding an entertainment and media business magazine and publishing house. Developing advertising real estate and job and event promotion.

GigsList Music Media and Entertainment B2B Resource

Last updated on March 28th, 2020

Hi David M, You are thinking fun aren't you?:) It helps me get clear on what I'm doing.

My question was not how to bait them. My question was what bait to dangle in front of them. For example: Now that everybody has to stay inside and will be encouraged to stay inside in future. The online entertainment market just got a super boost.

Content creators need production and content resources hand over fist. Live shows, I know few in San Francisco. They need digital venues and digital producers. Equipment suppliers, cameras, lights, stage trusses etc. They need producers to know where they are. Talent agencies have a whole new market in Youtubers. Both as talent and as producers needing cast.

I guess what you guys are saying is that somebody has to know the actual market to answer the question:) I just did 18 months market and content research. I should look at that yes? LOL

Steve Lehman Investor, Entrepreneur

March 9th, 2020

First, make sure that there are strong digital and video components to the media business magazine. Advertisers are now looking for BRANDED CONTENT as a valuable part of the campaign. Additionally, interactive elements that can help quantify the engagement of the campaign.

David M

Last updated on March 10th, 2020

1. Check your website for grammatical errors. I briefly looked at it and found several on one page. It looks unprofessional. (also note your "to" instead of "do" in your title question.

2. Clearly outline your company's objective. Your website is a bit scattered in focus.

3. Establish the purpose, and like all businesses, find your competitive advantage that benefits use of your company. I am not seeing what that is currently.

4. The "bla bla" you referred to is not really bla bla but absolutely imperative. Making a $1M or under film is a completely different business than making a $5M film or $100M film. In all fairness to you, the smallest budget I was ever involved with as a producer was $2M with most being $25M+. Much of your website is not applicable for larger projects and I can not really speak to the world of indie, non agents, non studio, no distribution deal, projects. I think there could be great value in your site to lower budget projects. Much of the above applies to TV and music as well.

5. Illustrate that you have a road map with your own business because that is going to attract collaborations.

And to Steve's point, yes branded content. Because in the entertainment industry so often the brands are the entertainers themselves who then collaborate with other brands, having the alliances with those who control the brands is important. But because your content focus seems to be on the mircro budget, brand can be less established brands seeking to build awareness in ways that you may be able to offer but larger entertainment companies would have no interest to do so.

GK CTO / Consultant - AI, Blockchain, Analytics

Last updated on March 30th, 2020

" what bait to dangle in front of them "

The question you are asking is known in technical parlance as the "recommendation engine" requirement.

This has been one of the most pressing problems for eCommerce and social media industry in the last few decades: which ad / product / video should I recommend for this user in my page?

A recent case in point being: the success of TikTok has been majorly attributed to its high quality "recommendation engine".

In other words, what you are looking for is a recommendation engine for your website / agency.

In the past decade+, the whole social media industry (naturally being driven, literally, by advertisements), was so obsessed with this recommendation engines so much it finally lead to resentment in the software engineers (expressed beautifully in the following statement, by Jeff Hammerbacher , Facebook):

The Best Minds of My Generation Are Thinking About How To Make People Click Ads

David M

March 9th, 2020

Deborah, to properly evaluate your situation, you would need to provide more information. So much has to do with connections to the talent agencies first, and then their connections with regard to talent...PR firms, studios etc. You wont be approaching the business with B level or D level entertainment the same as you would with A-list entertainers. Depending on your scope, the approach will vary.

GigsList Music Media and Entertainment B2B Resource

March 30th, 2020

Hi GK, You brought up a really good point. How do we curate the ads that ad engines throw up? My magazine is entertainment business, b2b, but I'm worried that the automated ad engines will throw up stuff for fans and not b2b. I always have to be careful with SEO.

GigsList Music Media and Entertainment B2B Resource

Last updated on March 10th, 2020

Hi Steve and David

Thanks, but just give me the first 5 off the top of your head. Think on your feet. Every project, film, concert, book, play etc is a start up. So bla bla does not work behind the scenes my industry. No offense. The magazine is so you know what I'm talking about. D:)

David M

Last updated on April 1st, 2020

Live venues are nothing new. Honestly, there is always something new to find in the old, but a lot of what you are discussing was going on 10 years ago. I don't see a business model that is unique in your website so I am not following what you are trying to do. There is PLENTY of content out there. That is not the problem. The problem is finding content that is profitable and people want to see. This is something Hollywood often fails at because they forget about the people in between the coasts, who often do not want to see what is produced. You can always come up with some newish concept for content or something that has appeal...but that is production. Marketing and advertising is a totally different thing. And beyond that there is technology entrepreneurship which fuels social media entrepreneurship which is what drives much of the marketing. So you either come up with a new technology or new content that people want to see or new or all that attract viewers whose act of consuming leads to revenue somewhere along the way. I only have dealt with CAA and WME as far as talent agencies go. They are not focussed or for that matter care about youtubers. They care about youtubers after they have 200 M views and can see an audience. But after that, they are bringing them in and building them to push through their marketing channels which are extensive. Personally, the new "next" thing in entertainment is Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence interactive based entertainment. That is the future. How far into the future...10..20..30 years. But eventually people are going to stop watching 15 crime and cop dramas and the same rebooted remake.