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What's the most difficult aspect of starting an education related startup?

Ankita Mishra Quality Analyst at Kartrocket

October 16th, 2016

Starting an educational startup is for me something completely different and special. If you are successful, your product will have an impact on society or at least on your local community. Also, in my opinion, in order to start an educational startup you have to have some specific expertise in the specific field. This is not always necessary with most of the other kinds of startups. What do you think is the most difficult aspect of starting an educational related startup?

Arthur Lipper Chairman of British Far East Holdings Ltd.

October 16th, 2016

Describing the path to profitability.

Greg Short President at IEP

October 16th, 2016

Profitability is indeed tricky.  While education should be a priority for many sectors, it generally lacks in dedicated budgets, making the sales process very complex.

Amr Selim Customer Success Expert | Technology Consultant | Keynote Speaker. I help businesses grow by improving CX & Performance.

October 16th, 2016

There are two aspects that make it quite difficult. The first one is the licensing or government approval, especially when your model is unique and new unlike schools for example. The second is related to the first one, being unique and different is an excellent business model, however, with education it makes it risky, because for centuries we have been conditioned in a certain way that is difficult to change. This means that you are going against those old established education models and culture (which is not necessarily the best, but it's stable and strong) Example: I have been working in the online learning domain for more than 10 years and it only started to become mainstream in the past 2 or 3, and not in all parts of the world or all organizations. Given the choice between old style classroom training and e-learning, companies still prefer the old way (sending their employees to training centers) While some training centers do a great job, some don't, and in both cases there are many other related deficiencies like: (the forgetting curve, lack of customization and personalization, time wasted outside the classroom, inability to re-access the course or part of it later etc... ) Having an education business is a brilliant thing if you are prepared for the battles and believe that you will indeed go against the incumbent culture and change it. All the best. Best Regards, Amr Selim Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker *CRM, Service Excellence, Engagement, Customer Experience, Business ​& ​Digital transformation, e-Learning, Internet tools & technology ... *

Rupert Meghnot MBA CXO, Burnout Game Ventures, LLC

October 16th, 2016

Convincing your target market that they still have things to learn. We're starting a program to educate entrepreneurs, that has a clear path to profitability. However, getting them to attend our classes is another matter entirely. Fortunately, there's expert judgment we can use to help us enhance the opportunity to maximize our class sizes.