Direct marketing

What's the best example you have seen of direct mail response rates?


June 11th, 2015

Could you share some examples of direct mail response rates from past campaigns? I am particularly looking for examples of higher than average and lower than average response rates, and what you felt contributed to that result.

Helen Adeosun

June 12th, 2015

A company called Kaymbu here in Cambridge has amazing results from its direct mailers but I only know this from a founders presentation. One crucial piece is that your demographic has to be receptive to this type of marketing since it's pretty old school.

Jeremy Reeves Direct response copywriter and marketing strategist specializing in building sales funnels

July 13th, 2015

Three huge factors are differentiation, relevancy, and timing. It also depends VERY heavily on the offer and price point.

I've done campaigns where I spent $17 and made $120,000+... to a high level service. I've done some for my clients selling supplements and got a 5% response rate to an autoship offer which was very profitable, because it was directly after they purchased the first product and "fit like a glove".

Then I've had campaigns that failed and it was because it was a "me too" offer to a cold list. Lesson learned!

I will say though that direct mail is an ENORMOUS opportunity for anybody using mostly online methods. Most people think it doesn't work anymore, even though that's not true whatsoever. It's a goldmine waiting to be found, which is why I actually work on performance-only with clients who want to implement it ;)