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What quantity should I go when starting a new business

Abhishek Gunturu Young entrepreneur

October 18th, 2018

I am planning to start a clothing line and quite not sure about what quantity should I go for each model per each size when starting, I couldnt give an estimate to the supplier. How do you estimate on these supply vs demand issues

Mr. Kelly Johnson Looking for Co-founder

October 21st, 2018

As a sourcing agent, I generally run from "I am planning to start, xyz, how many should I order?"

This isn't a supply vs demand issue if you don't know what your demand is. This is, you want to supply and hope their is demand. Then no one can answer your question because no one knows if you will be able to create demand for even a single sale.

First, If you are planning to start, you are way way way ahead of yourself on trying to figure out how many.

Second, especially as a start up, you should have the order from the customer already before you order from your supplier. The PO's they give you is the demand, so that is how many you buy.

If you don't have customers telling you what sizes of each model they want, then at most you should only be ordering samples to show. Only takes one size to show.

Far too many people want to drop thousands on inventory in hopes they sell it. That can work, but usually leaves startups with their first expensive learned mistake. I run from such people because I can't in good conscious take their money.

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

October 21st, 2018

No smart clothing designer makes any more than their samples until they have orders. You fill orders, not manufacture product and hope to sell it. The fewer SKUs the better. I recommend you go and watch all the fashion episodes of "The Profit" TV show and get some hard lessons learned from those high-level examples. I'm glad you have an area of interest, but you need to work in the industry you're hoping to enter before you enter it on your own. The insights will mean tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars of mistakes avoided.

Balal Ahmad Tech Entrepreneur, founder of a product based company - looking for businessy co-founder

October 20th, 2018

you can always check with the retailers dealing with similar target market about what sizes are sold the most!!!??

As long as you can deliver the product within promised can always get order first by showing your display product and this way, you will know after few months which product is in demand and what doesnt sell...

Mr. Kelly Johnson Looking for Co-founder

October 23rd, 2018

Unless you have the same or at least similar sales volume/ channel as the retailer you ask, acting on anything they say would be an expensive lesson.

Asfandiyar Sultangali communication

October 24th, 2018

as a customer, what kind of clothing line do you want to launch? What will be your advantage? And the most important question is what social status will people have who will buy your clothes? The more choice the better.