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What is the best strategy to identify your ideal customer?

Sheejo George I am part of AeroLeads and we help businesses and startup for finding B2B leads and prospects

June 27th, 2018

To approach your right audience what is the right step to narrow down your ideal customer?

What will the best-designed strategy for identifying your ideal customer?

Manoj Subramanyam Entrepreneur | Data Scientist | Making moves towards AI first world !

June 28th, 2018

Identifying your customer base comes after understand what your product/service does in general and what purpose does it serve? what gap does it fill? What happens if your product is not in the market? What will be the impact of your product in near future and later on? Focusing whom can you make a bigger impact?

I think these question will sort of the question of identifying your customer base.

Douglas Walker Helping investors, founders build value with great leadership C/VP Suite teams

June 28th, 2018

Keep 80:20 rule in mind. Qualify your prospective customer to identify those 20% that can realize real value with your product or service. As important know what the 80% looks like. By avoiding the 80% you have more resources including time to deliver to the 20%.

Raghu Ranjolkar Strategy & Marketing Consultant

June 30th, 2018

The idea of customer-first is not new, but brands need to constantly refresh their approach to meet consumers’ changing demands. User-generated content and emotive storytelling are rising to the fore, while customer-focused challenger brands continue to be the disruptors.

Customer Focus ---It starts with this simple mindset: When you make a decision, any decision about the way you think about a product, the way you market a product, the way you sell a product or service, the conversation starts with an understanding of who it’s for and what they need.It means that you start by understanding your customer.

Build Successful Customer relationships that are designed to give your customers a great product and service experience at all times.

A good relationship with your customers is the fuel your business needs to grow.

“Ultimately, getting to know your customers is a matter of collecting relevant data and producing actionable, reliable analytics. Getting started is as easy as developing a strong ‘Getting to Know You’ survey, distributed to customers as they show interest in your brand.

Customer-centricity empowers the marketing team to target the right customer with the right channel and right message – at the right time. It also helps teams align around a strategy that will drive long-term value to the business: acquiring high-value customers and keeping them coming back.

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June 29th, 2018


I would hire a market researcher -


Saquib Khan

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Shaban Shuhaib Head of product development

July 3rd, 2018

Market Research!