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What is a good recommendation software and marketing analytics software

Herbert Roy George Enterprise and Technology expert with enormous digital experience

June 8th, 2019

For my digital platform I need a marketing analytics software which can capture uses likes & dislikes and feed into a recommendation software, curation/search software and integrate with a customer feedback software. Being startup , personally funded, I am looking at open source alternatives to Adobe and the big players out there. Is there a recommendation you can give for this ecosystem ?

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

June 9th, 2019

Unfortunately there's no way for us to know what would be best for you. In a forum like this, the better question is "How do I evaluate a software/analytics provider?" Asking for personal recommendations isn't nearly as fruitful because you won't encounter people with the right experience to match your dream company with your needs. You will however find people who can tell you a universally applicable process for evaluating a service provider or software company.

The "right" answer for your business may cost more money than you're currently willing to spend. But that shouldn't throw them out as the right answer. What it means is that you're now informed and can plan better for the resources it will take to operate your business properly.

My initial recommendation, since I know very little about the kind of analytics you are expecting to have, is to make a list of features you think you want/need and divide it into two columns of must-have and nice-to-have. Finding companies that offer analytics solutions should be as easy for you as anyone else using search engines. And you can get plenty of information from any of these solutions providers to match up with your essentials/bonus list of requirements.

Again, don't let price be the thing stopping you from considering a solution. Sometimes what you need is going to cost real money and there's no way around it. But at least you'll have an objective measure of which solutions check how many essential/bonus features off your list before you have to decide what to do to afford the right solution. Maybe you'll find an inexpensive solution that hits all your essentials and maybe you won't. You'll know which ones once you've written them down, and can decide in a second round if you really MUST have the missing pieces.

Most people are self-funded. You're not in any different boat there. The market is charging what people will pay. If you want to compete, sometimes you have to front-load some expenses that you wish you didn't have to. Documenting your priorities will help you in more areas that just this part. It may also drive you to alter the way you operate so you can deliver your product without leaning as heavily on some third-party component. At least there's analytics software out there and you don't have to develop it yourself.