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What has been your experience with web development agencies from India?

Svetlana Gluschuk QA Analyst

December 5th, 2017

I find the core problem is that companies from US or Europe contracting Indian agencies do it because of price. It's always more convenient to contract a local agency tho, in the same timezone.

Do you have any experience working with web development agencies in India?

Lisa Cutter Marketing Maven

December 5th, 2017

Yes, but not by my choice. Every time the price hasn't been worth the headache of fixing the work afterward. I strongly recommend Vertical Insight located in the US, completely affordable for start ups and small businesses, payment plans available, and years of expertise across a variety of industries.

K. Robbins Head Moose at Moose WorldWide Digital

December 5th, 2017

I've done India, China, South America, Ukraine, and Russia.

India is great if you have a very detailed specification that spells out not just the WHAT but the HOW.

China is great if you have the same.

South America is great if you don't care about the deadline. Advantage for U.S. is they are in the same timezone.

Ukraine/Russia are great if you take the time to understand the cultural differences, and put serious effort into building the relationship and establishing trust first.

With all offshore agencies there are excellent players and shady ones. The shady ones have three easy to spot characteristics:

1. They claim to have a huge staff and a huge range of technologies they support. Sure there are a couple of these, but not many. Generally they will sell you juniors labeled as seniors, because they go out and recruit for the job.

2. You don't get to interview the developer. Again, you'll get very junior people at senior rates, Or, a full time staff aug that's fractional.

3. The rate is too good to be true. And then when you get the quote the hours are way over the top. Or, the rate is too good to be true, and the hours are too good to be true, you'll get a beta that barely functions and be told in so many words that actually making it work is a new requirement.

I've been successfully running offshore teams for many years. Not because I want to take jobs from Americans! The competition drove the rates clients were willing to pay to the point I could not survive and pay a decent wage to the development staff. This is something most people just don't understand...

Charles Culley

December 7th, 2017

My experience is that what is important is the communication process between product management / UX/ front end development and back end development. If these are broken apart there will be trouble. To win with Indian web development make sure that they have an office in America with a tech lead over here. That should be your main point of contact. Make sure that you have in-house UX design or outsource it through the Indian company but only if they have a US based UX designer. Make sure that the Indian company has some experience in node JS / Containers/ React etc or other newer technologies. Chances are you will end up in cloud with AWS or Google and this should be pre planned. Indian development is not about price. It is about service, they are the best at servicing customers. ( it's in the DNA) However, a holistic approach to the process of software development has to be in place. This is especially true in strart ups that will test and pivot a lot.

Johnathan Proffer Engineer, Innovator, Visionary, Entrepreneur

December 6th, 2017

We used companies from India and Sri Lanka at previous businesses I was with. In general, the relationship was OK with both. The primary problems we found was the lack of english proficiency which meant you had to have someone double check all their code and copy. Another problem was the difference in expectations. At the time, many, if not most, groups in India were subcontractors for dozens of american companies - so they want to spend as little time with your project as possible in order to maximize profit margins. They'll cut corners, copy other clients' code, not QA their work, etc. I refuse to use any overseas outsourcing these days.

Arun Sreenivas Founder&CEO, Preatech Technologies

Last updated on December 6th, 2017

If you are looking for a competitive rate and quality then India is one of the best places to get the projects done.

There is a huge population of tech community and very tight competition in the internal market itself.So the companies are forced to reduce the price.I would Suggest you to go for a fixed price for the completion of an entire project than going for hourly basis.If you closely watch Indian market 1 out of 50 clients may go for hourly rate.all others will work on a pre fixed price for the entire project.If the project is an ongoing support based then go for monthly basis.Then you will get a nice price tag.

Very big IT companies who are Present in the US Market charges on hourly basis as that is very profitable for them because they can strech the project by showing many reason.At the end you will be paying more and they may even charge you the senior developer charge by offering a junior.They make profit like that and you will never come to know it.The juniors takes more time to complete something and the hours will be more and You will be end up paying more.

The giant companies keep more people on bench without any projects and when they get a project they will charge more by calculating the cost of people sitting on the bench too.For example if the actual monthly salart for a senior developer who has 5 years experience in India is almost $1000-$1200.You will be paying 10 times more than this if you are paying hourly basis.why do you pay more when the actual cost is very nominal.I would suggest you to go for a company which charge you with a reasonable profit without compromising on quality.I said this because I own an IT Company in India and we deal with our clients in this way and all our clients are happy with this option.

Mahender verma Founder & CEO Unio Labs (UK) Limited

December 6th, 2017

Hi, it depends on whom you really choose. We have been helping companies an d startups all over the world. And we successfully expanded our company to london (UK) . We would be happy to help you with your web development work.

Oni Caleb Cofounder and CEO @Said-Hi

December 10th, 2017

Yes! they delivered, but didn't keep to time.