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What can I do to expand and gain the trust of corporate clients for customer acquisition?


May 5th, 2021

I run an online language learning platform and would like to expand to B2B clients - for those relocating or needing to brush up language skills for foreign clients.

Do I need to offer certification upon completion or something official to get B2B clients on board? What can I do to build trust and demonstrate results?


May 6th, 2021

You're only 5 years too late for the space, might as well be 50.

Alvaro Gaytan Enjoy creating sustainable value

May 6th, 2021

Hi, I'm currently working in the education industry developing some market research regarding the Lifelong learning concept globally. The B2B segment is a more traditional segment so it takes longer for them to adopt the changes. In this context having certifications or something official it would be more reliable for them.

If you want to build trust. First, and as you said you need to demonstrate results for them... so as long as your solution is helping them to solve any problem that employees are facing then you are in the right path. I would look for some data or research that helps me to develop some sort of a KPI where I can measure and compare my performance.

Niklas manas Kolster A platform for data driven marketing , attribution modeling , connecting all marketing data

Last updated on May 7th, 2021

Well , this is one of the toughest aspects as far as customer acquisition is concerned ( b2b / corporate clients ) , Of course a new customer or a corporate clients is not going to believe on your product or service easily , so that first things is to have an engagement , providing relevant information about the product or service being offered to corporate clients plays an important role , keep in mind that a corporate client is always looking for better options , so the relevancy shown by your product / service in comparison with their need , gives you a big chance to win . So the ENGAGEMENT is the first step . once the 1st step is accomplished , means corporate clients have the faith that yes you have enough and best information about the product and service , then they look for some TRUST , and for that you need to have some relevant and positive impact and reviews / feedback / case study / or comparison data that forces corporate customer to identify you as the best choice , here comes the role of data driven attribution model which is considered as best model when it comes to B2B clients .This model not only gives you a large scale of data FOR CUSTOMER ACQUISITION but also Optimize Marketing ROI for all channels ..