What are the cheapest options for D&O + E&O insurance?


June 25th, 2018

I run an early stage data company that uses a B2C platform to provide consumer insights to brands. We are raising a Seed Plus round and need insurance to work with certain critical data partners and in order to officially bring on board a high-profile board member.

What is the cheapest, fastest option available? What is the range of prices I could expect? I'm more trying to cross off a requirement for potential investors than I am looking for high quality at the moment.

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

Last updated on July 13th, 2018

My suggestion is to contact an insurance broker instead of an insurance company. You will need to define many things including the value of the contracts you expect to sign, what type of service/product is being sold, to what industry across what geography, and other factors. Those will determine your likely liability and set the price of your policies. The broker will be able to research options across multiple insurance companies and return an analysis of policy availability and pricing to you.