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What are the best practices for customer success in SaaS?

Chloe Hartford Cofounder/CMO at USalesy

July 19th, 2015

Customers are everything in SaaS biz, which is why we try so hard to get new ones and retain old ones. We're always trying to think of new ways to keep our customers happy after we've sold them on our product. Curious what people have learned about customer success in SaaS - what are some best practices you've picked up? 

Chris Bechtel Digital Marketing Executive, Customer Acquisition, SaaS Sales Coach, Start-Up Advisor and Growth Hacker

July 19th, 2015

Customer Success is critical to SaaS growth - yeah, I said growth. Customer Success is not simply about retention - but growth as your happiest customers are the engine behind referrals, and prime candidates for account expansion. Here are some best practices: 
  1. Continue to give them insight (webinars, videos, ebooks, infographics, blog posts) that will help them be more successful
  2. Make sure you give them more insight than you do product/technical tips and how-tos, 
  3. Personalize your communications - even if your outreach is automated via email, make the communications from a person NOT "do-not-reply@...". 
  4. Use multiple channels to communicate with them (email + in app./platform)
  5. Anticipate customers' needs and reach out before they contact you with questions or issues - monitor app. usage and plan new product releases carefully to ensure product updates are clearly communicated and do not disrupt users with unexpected changes. (I've seen this a lot).
  6. Don't go dark on them or pound them with too much communication - average once per week.
  7. For new users, ensure your onboarding process and drip email communication is setup, monitored and continually refined. Include a personal outreach and touch.
Hope that helps!

Ankit Kohli

July 20th, 2015

@Chris Bechtel: Thanks for sharing wonderful thoughts. Just want to add some more from my personal experience:

  • During the on boarding process many times customers come up with unique needs which the product cannot meet at that point of time. If you feel the feature is reasonable and doable feel free to commit something. It is always nice to let them know a time frame as well. It shows you are serious about them. 
  • Most importantly in Saas, sales people should really understand how to manage the expectations of the customers. Reason being sales guys are the interface between customers and the company. Building repo with customers is very important. Here is a tip : It’s OK to under promise and over deliver but it’s NOT OK to over promise and under deliver. It will go a long way for both parties. Win win for both. 
  • Post sales it is always a nice thing to follow up with your customers to see if everything is working as expected and if they have any new needs. At times they do have really good ideas which you can always discuss and see if you can come up with features to suit those use cases. (I have seen this work).