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What are the best accelerators for an early stage company (pre product launch)?

Lexi Sprague Driven to improve parking.

February 12th, 2016

Focused on b2b sales. Looking for something we can do in the USA that will bridge over the summer to a point where we can raise seed funding. 

Helen Adeosun

February 12th, 2016

Hey Lexi, There are so many in the US and I have done two both with different outcomes. MassChallenge is a non profit no equity accelerator it's highly competitive and get you a lot of favorability in Boston. I did this in 2013 and grads include Relay Ride which is now Turo. There's no money until you win it at the end and it's competitive to get attention in the accelerator because there are a lot of companies that are in so many stages so the later you are for this one the better IMHO. I did a smaller one called the Iowa Startup Accelerator and it was amazing! There are only 9 teams and 20k for each one and from the start of the application to the end of the program it's been incredible we accomplished a year in 3 months and came out a better company, Eric and the team there are indispensable and it's a good place to learn how to self accelerate so you can raise money on the best terms. We are based in Boston and I've settled in Iowa because after the accelerator we committed to 10xin our company. Plus Iowa is waaaay cheaper than NYC, Boston, and San Francisco. When you're ready you can go to those places to raise. Contact me if you want to hear about either of these programs.

Aleksandr Yarmolatii Experienced in Motion Graphics, Design, Video Production and Automation

February 12th, 2016

Hi everyone!
I have a big list of accelerators so if you need it just send me your email and I will share it with you.

Oliver Sanchez Director of FPA @ Homesite, Founder @ ASCiNT Investments LLC

February 12th, 2016

@Aleksandr, I'm interested in the list. please email.
Also, wonder if you want to collaborate on an article about this to put on our site. I think it will be helpful for a lot of people

Wei NYU EMBA/Looking For Co-Founder to Help Chinese Companies to Grow in U.S

November 20th, 2019

Anglepad is ranked No 1. in recent years

Gideon Marks Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Blue Startups

February 12th, 2016

I just came back from Blue Startups in Hawaii where I metored 10 seed stage companies. Gideon

Lucas E Wall

February 12th, 2016

Hi, Helen - The info you are sharing is very helpful. I am just wondering if you have any impressions or thoughts about others you might have researched about, or considered before joining the two you mentioned.

Oliver Sanchez Director of FPA @ Homesite, Founder @ ASCiNT Investments LLC

February 12th, 2016

Hello Lexi-
Following up on Helen's comment there are quite a few, the key is know what you are looking for. Adding skill sets, making connections, fundraising? I recently opened a boutique coworking space focusing on soft landing support for international startups. We do not have an accelerator program, but we offer you space and support while you check out the local scene. Support includes making intros to local players, giving you a calendar of events while you are here, etc. If interested let me know. Either way, good look in your journey!

Sebastian Pereyro

February 12th, 2016


Check Founder Institute, might be of your interest. I am currently going through the program here in San Diego, and It has been very helpful. Lots of work but it can only benefit, plus you might be able to find your co-founder.

Challenge #1 for very early startups with no money, is to build their 1st version of the product, good engineers are either happily working for companies, or they are building their own products, so alternatives are, find someone in the same space and empower/complement each other or you will have to get creative and raise funding from friends and family.

Anyways, good luck, and be persistent!


ALICIA JUARRERO Visiting Research Professor at University of Miami

February 12th, 2016

Hi, Lexi. We met in Brooklyn at Lean agile. Live your discussion. Alicia Juarrero PS check out my zika monitoring software!

Armand Sepulveda Co-Founder & CEO at Dycap Media Solutions, Inc

February 12th, 2016

We are actually going through this process now.
We are currently talking to three accelerator programs, and the one we are hoping to get into the most is TechWildcatters in Dallas. They're the number one b2b accelerator in the country and one of the world's oldest. I would recommend that you look into them. It comes with 30k investment and there is indeed a summer program.

Platforms like F6S, Gust, Angel list, and YouNoodle are loaded with accelerators and around this time to next month they'll have more opportunities specifically for summer programs. However each accelerator is a bit different and I would reach out to the alumni of the programs before you do an interview with managing directors.

The best piece of advice I would say is understand what you want from an accelerator program and have goals for when the program ends.

-Good Luck