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What are some very informative Sales related website resources you learnt a lot from ?

Sohan Cn CTO & Founder

March 25th, 2019

What are some of the best sales related resources you've found the best for learning sales.I really enjoy reading and learning about sales process and techniques in my free time and have been searching for good informative websites or resources but not able to find any.Hoping to gain from your past experiences. Thanks.

Nikhil Kaushal Technical Consultant

April 5th, 2019

Hi Sohan, for information related to sales templates like first outreach e-mail, follow up template e-mails, sales pitch deck, relationship building and more. Prefer reading Hubspot blogs. It's an ocean of knowledge about sales and marketing. There will be two search options, try reading through blog section. I hope it will suffice your needs.

If you are looking for different techniques or strategies of sales try reading more about SPIN model, FAB analysis and more such models and try to implement them in your sales training and prospects meetings. It might seems bit difficult at first but once you get acquainted with the flow you will see the results. All these models help you articulate effective questions. But theory itself will be of no use if you do not apply or give up to soon. Let me know if this help's you.

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

March 27th, 2019

Gee. I have never used internet resources to learn about Sales. I've learned by working along side of other salespeople, in various capacities, including selling myself. But although many colleagues would say that I'm quite good at Sales, I would not make the claim that I'm ever selling anything. That's because what I believe I'm doing is Marketing, not sales. So in those terms, my foundational belief is that there is no Sales. Sales is a limited role of Marketing. And when you're genuinely helpful, people will buy from you if there's a match for their needs. I don't push anything, but I do invite people to learn how to make informed decisions. Sometimes the right decision is that my product is not a match, and that's much better than selling someone a bad matched item or service.

There are generally two philosophies of sales vs. marketing: 1) Marketing is a slave to sales, enabling them to do their work, and 2) Everything is marketing. Clearly I subscribe to 2. Sales doesn't exist without marketing. And sales does a lot of things that are actually marketing, but marketing also does a lot of things sales will never do.

I certainly have done plenty of internet-driven (as much as book driven) learning about Marketing (capital M). Here's one that is probably completely foreign to most salespeople, but could benefit them a lot in understanding the issues around making assumptions in a sales process. MECLabs. They have a number of regularly scheduled webinars and such that walk the audience through what seems a very logical way to sell things, but it goes wrong because we're either making incorrect assumptions, or don't do the work to figure out the right way to do things through testing.

I consider myself at the expert level with a lot of marketing stuff and I still learn things from MECLabs when I tune in. I appreciate it when they cause me to re-evaluate what I think I know. It continues to make me a better marketer and always results in improved sales.

The second thing I would recommend, which isn't really an online resource are two authors: Doug Hall and Seth Godin. They're not connected. But both provide sales and marketing people with an easy way to think freshly about what they do every single day. They're fun, quick reads, and there's plenty of material to consume. If you can get into either of those mindsets you will improve sales and understand more about the relationship your thought process (not just what you say) has to outcomes.

Stephen Stokes Portfolio investor, established (non-startup) business investor, real estate investor

March 28th, 2019

I know what you mean about not being able to find any really great sales training resources online. I read a lot of books per year on sales and marketing and I think, for the most part, everything that can be said on this subject has been said but not everyone has said it. So it's all pretty much repackaged information.

For executive training, if you're training a sales team then I would recommend Sandler training. I knew someone from years ago when I had a business I used them and they were professional and gave our sales team good usable information and resources.

Unfortunately, I think selling and learning the sales process is a never ending journey but I still feel that books are much better than website at covering the sales process deeper and with more research and authority.

Finally, I feel coursera has some really good courses on the selling process but I cannot personally vouch for any of them but the user ratings seem good.

Good luck on finding an authoritative website, if you find one I would love to know also.