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Unsure about required technology to develop my idea

Clinton Apos Trinity College Dublin, Builder, Innovator, Thinker.

December 21st, 2018

Basically, I have this idea of making a unifiable shopping cart that allows you to put all the things you buy online on various sites into to one cart. I have the concept and shit done, but the coding has been bugging me, any of you guys know how best to approach it?

Dom DaFonte I build products and see if they stick.

December 24th, 2018

It sounds like you need to find a technical cofounder to help flesh your idea out. The programming language or infrastructure used behind this is of little importance at this stage. Just go with something that whomever you partner with can build with easily and to scale.

Andy Freeman Product Management and ... - Looking for new opportunities

December 26th, 2018

Not to be cranky, but this sounds like a feature, not a product. A unified shopping cart seems like an essential feature for a unified shopping site, but seems useless by itself.

I'm sure that you disagree, but what evidence do you have to support your opinion?

Clinton Apos Trinity College Dublin, Builder, Innovator, Thinker.

December 26th, 2018

Andy, what you are saying is true, yet.. I am thinking that this would be a feature. An imperative feature on every online site. There would be an app.. and when you download the app and sign up you get a code. When you are online purchasing on a site for instance, amazon there would be, beside the original amazon cart, This unifiable cart logo and you click on it, put your code, the code you have received from the app and all you have to do is enter your item into the unified cart. Of course I know these sites will require a percentage.

Johny Rulan

December 22nd, 2018

Build a common layer to abstract the different APIs so that you can just deal with your own layer. Then once they are ready to checkout, you can just send purchase requests to the various sites by iterating through your data and sending the info.