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Unbounce vs. Instapage?

Harpreet Singh Senior QA Engineer (Freelancer)

October 28th, 2016

Both Unbounce as well as Instapage are great landing page builders in their own right. The services they provide are pretty similar, in my research of them both. Have you guys used either of them and what did you think of the overall quality?

I am going to create a landing page to drive some users too, hopefully put together a pretty quality email list with this. I feel as if both page sites will give me powerful building and optimization tools with what they have to offer. If you have used a different company for landing pages and recommend it you can list it and give a little info about it. Look forward to hearing from your experiences!

Frank Cohen CTO and Founder at Appvance

October 28th, 2016

If you're looking for an easy way to build Web pages yourself then either Unbounce or Instapage look fine. Of course, I would urge you to do A/B testing to determine which messages and layout get your best response.

If you want more control over your site I recommend you use WordPress and the Divi theme ( Divi cost me $79 and I built and It's responsive so it looks great on laptop, tablet, and smartphones.


M.H. Lines Inquisitive learner, voracious reader and technology enthusiast

October 28th, 2016

I've used both, and both work fine and do a good job in their very narrow area of functionality.  I like the ability to track users that Unbounce provides, but the cost reflects that. I also agree with Frank that wordpress is a great option - it has a ton of plugins that free or low cost themes if you don't have a full functionality website.  I would also consider the great number of low cost marketing automation platforms that aren't much more expensive (or even cheaper than Unbounce) that allow you to not only capture forms but also do some drip marketing after engagment - like icontact or greenrope (there are hundreds more as well).

If you need advice, I'm happy to talk :)


Sandeep Todi Co-founder - Remitr, Co-founder - Emportant HR, Volunteer - iSPIRT Foundation

October 29th, 2016

Have tried out both, and both are extremely competent products. However, if you want to get started quickly without much learning curve the Instapage is your best bet.

Both products offer custom domains, A/B testing, and custom designs. Unbounce may have a better CDN but Instapage is not bad either. Overall for ease of use and decent metrics my vote goes to Instapage.