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Robbie Sharma Engineer & Drone reliabilty expert looking for cofounder & data scientist to help make drones safer

Last updated on April 19th, 2018

I'm curious what agreements/contracts should be considered in a startup. It's VERY important to have a LAWYER advise, review or prepare many of these... More

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Max Lidster, MBA Cofounder and CEO of Expert Minute

April 16th, 2018

Our start up is about to launch a beta test and we are missing the Terms and Conditions. I found some samples online but feel it needs to be more... More

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Giacomo Cariello

December 14th, 2016

Several web-oriented businesses publish user-generated content with restrictions on the ability to use the data for analytics. Is there any way to... More

Himanshu Bhaisare Teach me how to startup.

July 6th, 2016

Hi,We have created web app to run an on demand massage service. I need to finalise Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for this product. Till now... More

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Joey Chandler

June 19th, 2015

Anyone have experience with developing a process for auditing videos generated by an app to make sure they fit within the terms of Use (aka making... More

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Ana Burman Founder at Rhea m-Health

June 10th, 2015

Hi there! I am starting an user validation exercise and would be very grateful if anyone has a template / sample for a terms and conditions. Many... More

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February 1st, 2015

I have a web site and mobile app focused on matching Passive Job Seekers with Hiring Companies. I need to put together a Terms... More

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Mike Web Developer

November 3rd, 2014

If you have a SaaS product where online users agree to your Terms and Condtions, what tools did you use to create them.In addition to how critical an... More

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Julie Krafchick Digital Media Professional: Design, Marketing, Startups

August 5th, 2014

Are there any online services outside of termsfeed or snapterms that create a privacy policy and t&c's? Ideally looking for something cost efficient... More

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