Kurt Wassmer

June 3rd, 2015

I am looking for guidance on incorporating a 1-2 person start-up in its infancy. I'm outsourcing a good portion of the development of my app. I'm... More

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January 25th, 2015

Can anyone advise if it makes sense to Incorp in Delaware while doing business in CA? I am not sure if there is any benefit while paying taxes in... More

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August 21st, 2014

I'm looking for an agency to handle my taxes and bookkeeping setup (in Xero currently) and get me on a proper payroll tax plan for my sometimes sporadic... More

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Dominic F. Tarantino Entrepreneur who seeks to connect with bright people who are interested in bringing ideas to life.

June 5th, 2015

Are there any inexpensive services one would recommend?

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