Alison Lewis CEO/Creative Director

July 11th, 2014

We have a product and are now fundraising mode. It's not building and making mode, so what happens to key players and designers... More

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Jonathan Heyne Co-founder & CEO at Mentive

July 29th, 2015

We offer paid online courses that are taught by live teachers. We know that despite our best efforts, some users might not be satisfied with the... More

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Jan Asimov Marketing Manager at Startups

September 16th, 2016

The other day I watched a video from some of the folks that were involved with the growth teams at Facebook and Quora. It really got me thinking around... More

Dinesh sharma Software Tester at code brew labs

February 17th, 2017

We’re a two-and-a-half-year-old SaaS startup.The good: We’re signing up a lot of users.The bad: They’re not staying active for very... More

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Cumhur Murat Topbas CEO of MyEye (Social Media Portal):+15 years in Finance & BI in 4 countries, MBA

September 1st, 2019

Social media portal/platform is already active with few thousand users and I am able to acquire new users at a relatively affordable rate through... More

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