Investors relations

Luigi Guarnieri Sales Support Cash&Carry presso Esprinet Italia

February 7th, 2017

I keep reading on the news several pieces covering the IPO of Snapchat. What really surprised me the most was the amount of stock that its cofounders,... More

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Mike Whitfield Sr. Software Engineer, EPAM, Google

Last updated on June 25th, 2018

Chris St Pierre Cofounder @Softhatch, Technology Consultant

Last updated on October 17th, 2017

I am interested in seeing what experiences entrepreneurs have with their investors. To what extent does the investor control or influence hiring decisions,... More

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Melissa Askari VP of Vision Development at Mind Above Matter, LLC

May 11th, 2015

I have been considering creating a members only club for accredited investors. This club would be for those who want to be passively involved in real... More

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Steve Procter ... Venture Technologist Tech Entrepreneur seeks sales & referral partners for

Last updated on March 21st, 2017

I have just posted a reply at and it got me thinking, who needs who most out of the investment... More

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Kennedy Nyaga Into ideas that shift behaviours of a generation

January 31st, 2017

I am currently bootstrapping through a business. My competitors got $1M in funding last year. My product does the same thing as they do but at a cheaper... More

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Vinay Menon Founder at Mera Tiffin

Last updated on February 8th, 2017

When I say failures, I mean over 90% failed. I have taken time to study the trend and have a feeling that I understand why they failed. My gut feel... More

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Nikola Aleksić QA Tester

April 19th, 2017

I have a friend who’s speaking with some angels right now for a seed round. One investor does not think one of his cofounders is experienced... More

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ankit Mishra Software Engineer at Goibibo.

Last updated on June 9th, 2017

I’ve noticed many of my fellow entrepreneurs tend to take everything VCs say as the word of God because they’re the ones holding the check... More

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Maja Rašić QA Tester

May 31st, 2017

My startup has made good traction in the past in the six months and I’d like to start having preliminary chats with investors to gather their... More

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