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Jennifer Torres Co-Founder & CMO at FiLDEV • Full Stack Digital Marketer • #EntrePinay

Last updated on January 17th, 2021

One of the companies I co-founded is creating SaaS platforms for hotels and transport services. To get a gist of it - it's an innovative and smart... More

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MD REJAUL HASAN Founder of an app name AURA

Last updated on September 4th, 2020

Last few months we(small team) work on our idea. We build the beta version. Now to launch it and the further development we need money. So watching... More

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Saquib Khan Building BIG IDEAS -Hire 31+ resources on Equity - I want to put a dent in the Universe!

November 14th, 2019

Greetings, I have sent our pitch deck to many investors for the advice and 70% of the feedback I have gotten is thumps-up, and 30% was more around... More

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May 21st, 2018

My lawyers tell me the Lehman Formula should only be used for broker-dealers. Yet, I'm encountering a number of people in my tangential network who... More

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startupJunkie Cofounder, hardcore coder with big enthusiasm in food and beverages industry

March 12th, 2018

Hi, What would be a fair compensation to advisor for pre seed startup and still pre revenue? As for example one advisor ask for equity and commission... More

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Fayaz Valli CEO at GETCORE GROUP Ltd

Last updated on October 24th, 2017

The company is 5years old with a stable revenue. It has already existing products and projects. I pitched the new product to a potential investor... More

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Whitney MPA Founder & Director at Hello, My Name is KING, Inc.

June 26th, 2017

A friend of mine just received about $500,000 in funding. When we spoke recently, she mentioned to me that her salary was low -- around $45,000 year... More

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Alex McLintock Techie, Software Dev, Contractor, Big Data

June 19th, 2017

In the sales industry it is quite acceptable to pay no salary, but commission only on making a sale. I have someone willing to do the same for fundraising... More

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ankit Mishra Software Engineer at Goibibo.

Last updated on June 9th, 2017

I’ve noticed many of my fellow entrepreneurs tend to take everything VCs say as the word of God because they’re the ones holding the check... More

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