Enterprise software

eathan hunt Cofounder @ Ayu

August 12th, 2020

Hi, Background : We have build a software system to help a niche client tale address a problem they are trying to solve, and successfully run the... More

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Zac Lasher I'm currently designing an enterprise app, and curious about what to do with it

April 29th, 2020

I am curious how or if I could go about developing the product in partnership, or as part of an existing software company... Or maybe just selling... More

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Chirs Zink

April 24th, 2020

As an entrepreneur I've learned to fail quickly. My issue is this Startup is going to require more effort than most that I have been involved in.... More

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Ali Bouslama CEO & Founder at Kiwi Softwares

October 2nd, 2019

it's a web application for enterprises thar allow them to manage employees, clients, providers, bills...

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Chris Livadas Tech Co-Founder and Business Consultant

June 25th, 2019

I'd like to get people's opinion on how and where I can go about finding guns-for-hire that are experts in their field -- think: internal auditors,... More

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Herbert Roy George Enterprise and Technology expert with enormous digital experience

April 30th, 2019

I am investing in on a text mining project and am trying to figure out how long a machine learning project takes to do. I have been in software project... More

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Mubarak Awal Teaching Fellow | Software Engineer at Codetrain

June 29th, 2018

So i have met a lot of entrepreneurs like myself and CEOs who confirm the fact that starting a business isn't an easy thing, especially for a newbie... More

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Ruchir Vaishnav 20+ Years presence in Tier 1 ERPs - Founder of Consulting company specialized in ERP services.

February 27th, 2018

Hi There, Checking in here to see what experts here have to say about a new B2B Product launch. We have developed an enterprise cloud through 100%... More

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Harrison Rose Co-Founder & CEO, ex-AT&T Labs, ex-Apple, MBA, strategist, startup expert, robots, software, bus dev

January 24th, 2018

Here are some examples of Robot App: Security Patrol, Retail Customer Assistant, Last Mile Delivery, Corporate Mail Delivery, Museum Tour Guide (including... More

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