April 25th, 2020

I am capturing first-hand stories and experiences of people and putting together 2020 pandemic archive for our future generations - this includes... More

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Pasy Freelancer, Motivational Speaker , Volunteer

February 25th, 2017

I work at a site that specializes in design/home hacks. We have a fairly large forum and all of the problems that normally come with it: Inappropriate... More

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Olesya Mayorova QA Lead - Towards Mars!

November 18th, 2016

I believe that the resident country has everything to do with the limits to your business success. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule but... More

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Ankita Mishra Quality Analyst at Kartrocket

October 16th, 2016

Starting an educational startup is for me something completely different and special. If you are successful, your product will have an impact on society... More

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Kate Levy CEO/Owner at Kate Levy LLC

October 13th, 2016

Since co-living options such as Founder House, Common, Roam, Pure House, WeLive and the like are a relatively new concept, there isn't much information... More

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Veeshu mahajan SEO Specialist at Freelancer

October 10th, 2016

There are a lot of successful entrepreneurs who are big influencers and contributors to the startup community today. Most of them are very well known... More

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Adam Johnson Sole Proprietor at Adam Johnson

October 4th, 2016

Know that I haven't read too much fo the documentation yet but I am curious about your opinions on new technologies like this. Does this affect how... More

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Jessica Alter Entrepreneur & Advisor

January 13th, 2016

For anyone who has been in an online group (fb, linkedin, google) and/or used a forum (subreddit, stackoverflow, etc). What's the difference for you?... More

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Sankar Patel

July 14th, 2015

I’ve been working on a communication tool designed to help improve communication flow between front line workers. Think about being... More

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