Safiyya Cofounder

Last updated on November 8th, 2018

Hi all, I’m the technical cofounder of a 2 years old startup. I have 10+ years experience as a software engineer, back end and some front end...... More

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October 25th, 2018

We are currently headed toward our 4th year in business. We had 11 straight quarters of profitability with a 148% compounded growth and are approaching... More

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Alena Kropáčková Former gymnast, traveler, blogger, volunteer in TED.

June 26th, 2018

Hi! I finally launched my job board where I offer jobs for Czech people who want to work abroad. I have some job posting from aggregators but i want... More

Alena Kropáčková Former gymnast, traveler, blogger, volunteer in TED.

May 29th, 2018

Hi, I am making a job portal. There will be job offers from abroad but for czech target group. So applicants will be Czech and emploers from abroad. The... More

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Amber Pollard Founder

Last updated on March 30th, 2018

I'm bootstrapping a tech project and want to incorporate. Right now I regularly spend personal funds on cloud hosting and I'll be using contract workers... More

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Last updated on March 2nd, 2018

I am a serial entrepreneur and have built 4 profitable businesses in the past. I currently run two businesses. I am a doctor and make a good living... More

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Ben Cornwell Program Manager and Software Development Specialist

February 6th, 2018

I have been prototyping and refining an online business concept over the past few months. The service is now stable/mature enough for a initial launch,... More

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MUX Tech Entrepreneur - looking for cofounder

February 1st, 2018

A newly minted startup which has no revenue and no funding yet, when should it get a company credit card. Or should it get company credit card at... More

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Seton Schiraga Founder, PE, patents, motivated

January 12th, 2018

Hi there! I would like to consider generating cash flow via licensing IP as a part of my business plan. I am entirely unfamiliar with licensing contracts,... More