The major problem is I need a companion the formally introduced my idea to start up the project. Could you please help me do that?

Robiul Islam Phd researcher at Innopolis

January 10th, 2021

II have some ideas about how to optimize business more perfectly.If you are interested to help me and become my business partner. I know this message is not good at all so I need a professional person to do that. This is my idea ( if you are interested I can set you a pdf version of this book.

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

January 11th, 2021

There are many people who can help you refine and sharpen your message or ability to communicate. However, if you are unable to develop the skills to articulate the message yourself after some assistance, it will be quite difficult to build a business. A marketing department's job would be to make sure the message is clear and persuasive, but if you struggle to communicate with the marketing department, they won't know how to wordsmith the basic concepts. The type of relationship you're looking for does not come from simply adding a business partner. All owners must be able to communicate on their own. Unless you plan to vanish into the background and have someone else run your company, you need to participate as one of the primary faces.

My suggestion is to express your idea in a language with which you are comfortable. Don't worry about communicating in English. Translation is not so difficult when you are articulate in a language with which you are most comfortable.

That may mean you need someone in Bangladesh to explain your idea to and have help with the English version. It's going to be harder for a native English speaker to consume your ideas than for someone in your own language to translate them to English. Again, that is not a business partner relationship. That's merely translation.

Good luck.

Robiul Islam Phd researcher at Innopolis

January 14th, 2021

Thanks for your time, paul. I have no problem with communication, and I also know my consumers who actually benefited from that. I have also the business model ready. The only thing is a requirement is I need developers and investor to support it. That's why posted here and I share my idea (not a business model) on amazon hoping someone interested to work with me.