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The future of Facebook advertising - doom or boom?

Josh Lloyd I provide businesses with strong, consistent user growth | Envision Digital

April 9th, 2019

Privacy issues. Security issues. Lack of faith and good judgement. What are the public thinking about the future of Facebook that will inevitably define the future of advertisers using the platform?

Louis Lim Founder, CEO Helios Eos

April 9th, 2019

Just based on my opinion.

It doesn't matter, ultimately contents are still posted on these social platforms. ( TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube maybe ) People still have the need to connect...

In fact people at the age of 40-60 are using Facebook more often. Go into groups, that demographics are actively commenting and updating on their album. (We can't reject the our parents tagging us in a photo) Engagements can be targeted using this segment because they are slower to catch up with information.

The market share doesn't dilute substantially due to modern "scroll through" to catch up on contents. The behavior is on scrolling through multiple apps for entertainment.

It will be more difficult to capture these audiences for a conversion. Live stream might be a better option.

At the end of the day, Facebook with the mega-sized funding can pivot fast enough to catch trends.

For businesses, we will just choose these advertising platforms with the lowest CPC to capture conversion.

Nothing much changes, it is all about market visibility, content and a brand personality. In fact it's nothing specific to Facebook, it is more towards the trend of types of contents.

VIbek Pathak Collaborating with Entrepreneurs, Co-Founders, Experts, Advisors, Investors and Donors.

April 12th, 2019

Social Media has been vulnerable in developing countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan. Huge proportion of total population of countries like Nepal are directly influenced by Facebook. Online platforms are arising rapidly. Also, every business, maybe small or large scale. Advertising through Facebook has been overlapping television and newspapers. I find it very easy way to earn money. Digital Marketing Agency is the key. We take over the responsibilities of their business. Thank you.

James Corbishley Inventor and sustainable energy startup

April 9th, 2019

Facebook has certainly lost quite a bit of reputation but at the same time, it has a virtual monopoly on a service that a large proportion of people feel they need.

The effect on recent US elections and UK referendum seem to suggest their market base and also the structure of their service is very powerful for spreading propaganda and influencing ideas - .possibly more than with any other platform.