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Technical Problem: How to fix a conflict between Facebook authentication and Youtube integration in an app?

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January 26th, 2018

hey guys,

I have created an app that authenticates with both Facebook and Google. I'm running into trouble with Youtube integration. There seems to be a conflict between Facebook and Youtube integration. This is not a problem for users have authenticated with google, they can automatically login to their youtube channel. However, Facebook users run into another problem where the app is treating them like a completely new Google account when they try to log into youtube and all the content they have uploaded from Facebook is lost. Is there a solution for this?

Sarfraz Arshad Founder, Full Stack Developer, Java Script, Python, Techee

January 27th, 2018

Youtube uses Google accounts. If you are logged into google you are automatically logged into Youtube and if you logout of google you are logged out of youtube and vis-e-versa. This can be the only reason that the above mentioned is happening however I would have to look at your app in further detail to pinpoint the issue.