Shareholder agreements · Talent acquisition

Sweat equity terms in a startup

Mia Kahma Founder, CEO at Voaki Ltd

June 3rd, 2017

I'm wondering what kind of a deal to make with shareholder candidates.

The company is about one year old. Still no sales as I'm in the prototype phase. A few more months to go before the final product. We would probably have a crowdfunding campaign at the end of the year.

I'm wondering what kind of deals you'd suggest with possible future shareholders at this point? 3 years vesting with 1 year clif sounds awefully rigid as there's no proof-of-concept yet - I know it would be better to wait for that, but I'm thinking of inviting new team members at this point because I'd need help with a possible crowdfunding campaign.

I have two candidates: the other one proabably would want to work intensively for a couple of months, and the other one is a part-time entrepreneur and would probably want to work only 1-2 days a month for a year or so.

What kind of trial periods would you suggest?