Silicon Valley Bank v Wells Fargo, Bank of America, HSBC etc.

Kate Hiscox

April 6th, 2014

I've banked with Silicon Valley but have heard various things about them. Great service, pricey, doesn't play well with Xero, QB etc. 

I would love some feedback as there 'startup' culture appeals v the others.



April 6th, 2014

Hi, Kate!

When it comes to business banking, out of the few banks I've had experience with (TD Bank, Bank of America, and Silicon Valley Bank), for my current startup, we've been with SVB for the past couple of months, and other than their pretty crappy website and mobile app, I can't say enough good things about them so far. What I've found particularly interesting is them acting as a partner rather than just being our bank. Also, they really do understand startups. As an example, we recently closed a bit of funding and they were more helpful than we would've expected and helped the process go really really smooth.

Based on our experience with them so far, I highly recommend SVB. That being said, TD Bank is definitely a great alternative IMHO.

- Jonathan

Brad Miller Healthcare Data, Strategy and Operations

April 6th, 2014

I've used First Republic and been very very happy.  Let me know if you'd like to get in touch with my service agent. She's been wonderful at making things happen. I'm curious to other's experience at FRB. m. 415.407.4304