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Product without iphone?

Eran Yasso

August 8th, 2016

Hi all,

My partners and I have started to work on a software initiative. The product includes mobiles (android and iphone) and backend.
While in development, we have noticed that Apple has deprecated an API starting on ios9 and are not going reverse theirdecision, as a side note, i must say that the way they did it was very inappropriate. They didn't notify the community by sending a head up notice. However, the option to use the API can be achieved by sending a email request to Apple.

This API is a key factor in our product.

Next thing i did was to see what is the market share of iphone in the mobile market. it seems that it is something around 20% and dropping.

My question is, would you continue the product development and taking the chance that Apple might reject the request (they are not sending the reason why)?
If Apple reject the request, would you continue the development (you can still add support to Windows mobile :))?


Krishna Vattipalli Founder and CEO, Imaginnovate Techsolutions

August 9th, 2016

I would suggest develop for iPhone as well. But, it all depends on the target market demographics.


August 9th, 2016

Hi, my other question is weather we should develop the product for android only or should forget about the product?

Does android is enough?


Judith Szepesi Founding Partner and Patent Strategist at HIPLegal LLP

August 9th, 2016

The question really is about what device your target customers use.  If your target customers are primarily Android focused, then you can ignore the iPhone. If you are targeting standard users in the US, ignoring 43% of the market seems like a terrible idea.  

Source:  https://www.comscore.com/Insights/Rankings/comScore-Reports-January-2016-US-Smartphone-Subscriber-Market-Share

Christoph Ranaweera validate early, pivot and kill fast instead of feeding a zombie

August 9th, 2016

the main question I get is whether Android is enough now that iOS is not supported.

that fully depends on your product and monetization.
So you need to check your business plan how that will impact your cost and revenues.
It may cut your cost but it will as well cut your revenues. There are still more android devices than iOS which - except for Japan - monetize worse than iOS.
On which platform is the need how strong. If the need for your product is strong on iOS specially then there is no sense to continue.

So check the impact on your business plan then you have a better idea.
Having a product only for Android + a good and relevant product + hopefully a good relation with google could bring you some google love resulting in nice featuring. 

Joanan Hernandez CEO & Founder at Mollejuo

August 9th, 2016

Hello Eran,

In short, this is Apple way of viewing things: This is our platform, is our way of doing it. You don't like it? Sorry.

As it stands now, Apple has enough influence on the development community, to do as they please. Weather we agree with that or not, it's irrelevant.

So, they'll depreciate APIs based on their needs, not developers. And Apple is very strict on that, if you use you own API inside your app, or use an API not supported or not allowed in iOS, they have the right to reject your app. This you know before hand, so you avoid losing work because of this, again, these are their rules.

As many have said here, it will all depends on you business plan. I do consider Android more flexible, if you manage to get a chunk of Android, for sure you can thrive without iOS. But let's assume that scenario, that your app is really successful in Android. Then iOS users are begging for an iOS version, what would you do? If you don't cover iOS, for sure (given the hypothetical success), somebody else will find a way to offer such a product for iOS. Would you guys be comfortable giving that piece of the market to someone else, just because you decided that iOS doesn't support this or that API? Or you adapt your product so it uses Apple proper APIs?

The choice is yours.

Best of lucks!

Krishna Vattipalli Founder and CEO, Imaginnovate Techsolutions

August 8th, 2016

Hi Eran,
My suggestion is you should not take the risk of continuing the product development with deprecated API as it will be removed in one of the later releases. They may not reject the app now, but will do so when the API has been completely removed from iOS.

On the other hand, if it is such an important API, there is a good possibility that there is another way to access it. If you can post your issue (if you are comfortable), I am sure you will get ample help to identify an alternate course of action to implement the feature on iOS.

patricklima12 Owner Founder | CEO | Technology Analyst | Programmer Developer | DBA Administrator | Aceito Projetos Empresa ou Freela

August 9th, 2016

NÃO Android não é suficiente e se você criar produtos a partir de Cross-plataforma não te custar muito para fazer isso. è pelo fato de que muitos clientes potenciais será afastado ou potencial de vendas não vai acontecer. Muitos potenciais clientes irão continuar usando IOS e a empresa de alguma forma precisa de continuar a existir e logo irá apresentar uma solução ou algo de novo para continuar a existir. Então, se 5% basta pensar o quanto significa esse número. Desenvolver para Windows Phone, etc ... não perca o mercado, apesar de os sistemas têm uma pequena utilização está a gerar recursos financeiros para sua empresa. Criar para todas as plataformas que adaptam o seu produto para plataformas cruzadas. É uma maneira mais frio para ver o mercado. Investigação seu público-alvo e desenvolver o primeiro para os sistemas operacionais mais utilizados e depois para o outro, onde com base na sua própria API você terá agilidade e atender a todos.