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Opening "SW Dev Ctr" in SE ASIA. to develop INTL version of our own sw. Your thoughts on Where/Why?

Parker Fairfield Chief Strategy Officer at

September 18th, 2016

I've been tasked with opening a software development center to develop what will be the International Version of our software; we are one of the leading Point of Sale companies in PR China.
Our solution is the physical device, which is android based, as well as an extensive cloud based solution which not only handles the banking transactions, but provides the customers with extensive back-end transaction datamining.

We're 4 years old, are a leading domestic provider, Series B . . . but will need to radically change our management style in order to compete internationally; what works in China is not super transferable internationally.  We will fork the code base to have two versions (domestic & international)

SO WHERE WOULD YOU GO? We will need to have some very experienced developers that are fluent in Mandarin . . . with the majority of the developers needing to speak ENG (in order to discuss collaborative projects with banks,customers, investors from N. America & Europe).

Scott Bundren Marketing Director at 3 Cents Media

September 18th, 2016

The U.S. could be an option. There are many Chinese speakers on the West Coast--in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Seattle, and also Vancouver, Canada. Given that they are living the U.S. or Canada, it might be simpler also for the Western management styles to become a part of the corporate culture.

Ed Valdez Chief Innovation Officer at Momentus Software

September 19th, 2016

There is a company I've been advising in Vancouver who are experts in mobile and web app development with recent clients like Verizon, Lululemon, etc.; I'd be glad to make an intro so you can explore the potential fit for your project.

Ashish Bavishi Growth Booster

November 27th, 2016

If Asia is your choice to open the development center, I would recommend 2 places... 1. India -  Many expert software development guys available. Cost might be 1/2 than development in USA.  You can also get the Chinese speaker or developer  using dual language in cities like Pune, Bangalore, NCR, Mumbai.   2. Bangladesh - Many good and hardworking software developers.  You can appoint expert people using dual language and get the work done. Cost could be 1/3 compared to US. And there is some business treaty between China - Bangladesh , but I am  not sure about that.