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Need Feedback for Market Research and Product Validation Tool for Startup Founders

Kelvin Ng I am building a tools to help innovative founders to connect with early adopters

March 28th, 2021

Greetings all!

My team and I are building a market research and product validation tool to help startups with existing customer base to develop and improve products by collaborating with customers. I am excited to share my idea with you.

I have a demo of the product ready. If you are interested, please PM me or let's arrange a chat through the link below:

Thank you.

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

March 28th, 2021

Hi Kelvin,

Well, entrepreneurs certainly all need to do their marketing strategy validation, but I'm not sure how a tool can do this work for them. Maybe you're framing it in an oversimplified way. While it is useful to lead entrepreneurs by the nose through the steps of testing assumptions, conducting research, and documenting their validation steps, each effort is unique to each enterprise.

When they need this step most is before they build their first product. If they do the work at the pre-product step, they learn how to do it again for future iterations, either adding or improving products. Most inventor-based companies only have one product, so adding products is rarely a consideration. Improving a product is part of product management. If a company gets to the stage where they have existing customers, it's an appropriate time for them to move from responsive behavior to predictive behavior in product development. The role of a product manager is to make this transition. If you're suggesting non-product managers use a tool to do this instead of hiring the skill, that seems a risky dependence.

My discomfort with your description is the stage of the business you're targeting. It would be my educated guess that your product is appropriate for a different stage, not the one you've imagined, and that you haven't tested your assumptions about how product development and improvement occurs in an ideal environment.

Either way, the DISCUSS area is not an ad board where you can effectively solicit feedback on details of a product. People are here to answer questions about entrepreneurship, not to kick the tires of someone else's idea.

I am making the assumption that you have not done your own marketing strategy validation for your own product/service, which makes the credibility of your tool suspect. Perhaps I'm wrong, but your description signals to me with 30 years of doing this, you've missed keys steps that a useful tool in this area would not miss.