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MVP on live streaming and Chat

Raj Shukla Product Engineering ; Growth Hacker ; Technology , Open for CTO / Tech Co-Founder

January 22nd, 2021

We have built a MVP with Video streaming and chat. Something like youtube live and twitch.

Looking for ideas to take this to market.

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

January 24th, 2021

Well, like a lot of entrepreneurs you've gone about it completely backwards. Your go-to-market strategy needs to come BEFORE developing a product, because the validation of your marketing strategy informs you what your product needs to be, to whom it will be sold, where to find them, under what conditions they will pay how much, and more.

Without that information most startups end up in significant revisionary mode where they must re-work the product once they discover what the situation in the marketplace really is.

Rather than hunting for ideas, start by making a list of all the assumptions you made so far. Then test each assumption individually to find which are correct and which are not. From there you can begin to make adjustments, and a plan will start to naturally form.

Doug Gray Marketing & Technology Consultant

Last updated on May 13th, 2021

Well, I already have a market and users. I also already have a streaming solution in place, but would love to discuss your project. I would much rather have a stand-alone "private" solution than being part of some other companies platform.