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Managing contacts, tools?

MK Hicks Your Chief Revenue Officer

February 3rd, 2016

Are you on contact management overload?

Have a great OCR card scan solution that is accurate, 2sided, color and syncs the card scan as photo? Like 1,000 cards a week?

Have a tool to integrate address books, card scans, and LinkedIn and more in one place that hold notes as to the source of the contact and communication history.

Any other tools to make it 360 and automated? IFTTT's?

Anuroop Sirothia Founder, InfinityKards

February 3rd, 2016

Hi. You can try using these Apps for Contact Management:-

1. Inigo (
2. Flextown (
3. One Card (

We are also developing a Contacts Management and Digital Visiting Cards App called InfinityKards ( Using InfinityKards App you can find interesting people around you in a networking event and then share your digital visiting cards with them.

You can show your interest by registering on our website It will be an encouragement to us.

Founder, InfinityKards, 21st Century Business Cards.