Know of a good Tax Accountant

Craig Brenner

February 13th, 2013

Anyone here know a good Tax Accountant to tap to complete our federal
corporate tax filing? We are a C corp.

I looked at it myself but it seems a lot more involved than my 1040 filing.
Our fiscal year ended 12/31/12 so I believe filing is due March 15, 2013. I
guess we can file an extension which would push it out to September and,
with no revenue, there wouldn�t be any late fees or interest due.


Josh Moser Founder at VinoServant, Inc.

February 13th, 2013

Craig - See the internet site below for Silicon Valley Accountancy. I have worked with Milan Kojnok since 2000, and introduced him to individuals and companies who have used him to complete their taxes. His english is a little rough, but he is extremely efficient in terms of time and money. Most importantly, he knows taxes inside and out. I am more than happy to make an introduction.

Milan Kojnok
C: 408.829.7988
W: 408.448.8000
E: mi

P: 408.306.5956