Know anyone managing employees and tracking their certifications?

Chris Livadas Tech Co-Founder and Business Consultant

November 16th, 2012

We\'re working on a startup idea whereby we intend to help managers keep
track of their employees\' certifications/etc.

Apparently this is a real problem, which has been tackled before, but not
very effectively. Anyone who has had concerns regarding this matter in the
past will want to talk about this with us, I\'m sure.

E.g. this can be:
- HR manager at an enterprise
- operations managers (ie, unhappy with how HR is helping out) - usually
a plant manager, "XXX floor" manager
- CEO/COO of a small/midsize firm (ie, still involved with day-to-day
operations, NOT a pure strategic person)

We believe there are specific industries related to requiring
certifications and re-certifying:
- has day-to-day health care workers (retirement homes, long term care,
- hospitals (probably a bit too big for this point, but willing to talk
to them, maybe a CCAC)
- manufacturing (especially with hazardous materials)
- logistics warehousing (has forklift operators, etc. ... something that
requires certifications)

*Does anyone in my network know anyone like this. Can you connect me?
*We\'re just looking for an informal chat right now... no promises, no hard
We just want to gather info and gauge interest.

A big Thank You in advance to all respondents.
- Chris


November 16th, 2012

This sounds like a pain point for any public-safety industry. Medical,
fire/paramedic/police, pilots. ... Do a LinkedIn search for anybody that
runs State Licensing Division for nurses. That would be an enlightening
conversation. (I\'ve watched my wife keep her extensive list of nursing
certs across 20 years of job experiences on a series of post-it notes and

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Aleksandra Czajka Freelance Senior Software Engineer, Developer, Web Developer, Programmer - Full Stack

November 16th, 2012


I don\'t know anyone like this, but, I know of a startup that certifies
technicians giving them background checks, certs and badges for the certs.
I know\'em because I was a part of this startup and built the beta that they
have, including automatic background checks with ADP and LexisNexus. I quit
and don\'t know where they\'ll go, but, they are at Let
me know if it\'s at all useful to you and if you want more info.


On Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 11:26 AM, chrislivadas <>wrote:

Keith Privette

November 18th, 2012

Why not do a search on
On Nov 17, 2012 3:09 PM, "Zeev Sharon" <> wrote:

Zeev Sharon Co-Founder & CEO of Hotelied, Inc.

November 17th, 2012


You should also look into the financial and accounting industries. They
also have required and periodic certifications (which are required by the
SEC, etc.).