Is there anyone attending GITEX 2018, Dubai? Can I get insights on this event?

Mike Davis Business Development Executive at WebMob Technologies (

October 2nd, 2018

I would like to know that is this event is worth spending money on? Is anyone is going to this event and have idea of it?

William M. Digital Retention Lead | CX Empathy Strategists | Copywriter

October 2nd, 2018

From what I remember, this is similar to CEX (the Consumer Electronics Expo which was held in Vegas- I attended.) From what I heard, it's actually pretty fantastic- but only if it's relevant to you.

Lastly (I remember hearing this from someone so don't quote me) it attracts the largest amount of tech-related investors; more than any other expo.

If you feel that it will provide something of value for you (anything- small networking, industry insight, etc,) than I would suggest trying to to.

Cost permitting.

Salman Iftikhar CoFounder RagTag , Entrepreneurship

October 3rd, 2018

Well, I was there last year to present my product. Go there if you want one of below 1. You have product and you want potentially big vendors to join hands. 2. You are investor and looking to invest in out of box solution. Skype : msalmaniftikhar

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

November 1st, 2018

If you're thinking of exhibiting, look at the list of exhibitors from last year (or call the conference and ask for last year's exhibitor list) and call them directly. Ask them whether they found value in participating, whether they're coming back again, and how they measured success (metrics).

If you're asking about what it's like as an attendee, that's a completely different vetting process. But you should be able to get information from the show manager on how many people attending are repeat visitors versus new visitors. That's your biggest clue as to value of attendance. It's not the absolute number that matters, it's the percentage of repeat attendance.