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Is moving to Silicon Valley a must even if I am in California (San Diego)

Olumidé Gbenro

June 25th, 2015

Do I have to move to San Francisco silicon valley in order to be successful in the mobile app? I ask this question because the most successful and most innovative mobile technology products are coming from there. I recently began a an mobile app company where we are in the process of creating the prototype to show to investors. I am still in graduate school and San Diego and I could stay here for work after I graduate but I wonder if it is better to move to SF Silicon Valley.

Cade CSc Senior Application Developer at FAME Inc.

June 25th, 2015

In the year 2015, given the ubiquity of remote-access technologies, cloud-based development platforms, and online collaborative tools, one would think that geographical location should be a non-issue.  Although there seem to be synergistic benefits to a dev team being physically together (especially if the team members are extroverted and acquire stimulation from being around others), there are plenty of successful software projects being developed and marketed by remote teams.

Having said that, there are certain advantages to living in a tech hub like Silicon Valley - namely, networking and being a part of "the scene" - regularly running across other tech entrepreneurs at coffee shops, parties, etc. allows one to network, converse, and build relationships with others who can help you with your career (and you theirs).

So, it's not necessary to move to S.V. to succeed in app development - but it can definitely make things more convenient for you if you're good with people.

Robert Gordon Co Founder at OurRecovery "Because No One Can Do it Alone"

June 25th, 2015

Hi Olumide,

The valley is wonderful, while at the same time the competition for team members is very competitive and in most cases expensive. There a many meet ups, the SV Forum, Plug n' Play and many many more networking opportunities...

If you have access to great team members from school or in your area I suggest you continue where you are for the time being. The competition for angel investors will probably be less where you are and there are numerous ways to connect with investors no matter where you are...

If I can be of help I'd be happy to connect on the phone.

Joanan Hernandez CEO & Founder at Mollejuo

June 26th, 2015

Hello Olumide,

While it is true that in San Francisco is the action, it doesn't mean there's no action elsewhere. Since you're in beautiful San Diego, I strongly recommend you check out the EvoNexus program.

Let me know if you need more information.

Good luck!

Tony Wasserman Prof. Software Management Practice at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley; open source researcher

June 27th, 2015

It's not as if you are in a tech desert.  San Diego has a large tech community, especially in telecom and biotech, along with angels and other investors.  It also has at least one good university (UCSD) and is regarded as a reasonably good place to live. So I don't see a need for you to relocate to the Bay Area unless you have some kind of masochistic urge to pay exorbitant rent for a small apartment and/or a workspace.  You might check out a couple of Meetups related to mobile as a way to start networking in your area.  They're likely to be in the La Jolla/University City area or out along 805/Mira Mesa near Qualcomm.

John Petrone CTO at LaunchPad Central

June 28th, 2015

I've spent the last 20 years at startups in SV and SoCal, so you can definitely do either and succeed. I think the question is what are you looking to get out of your physical location?

  1. Concentration of tech talent? SF/SV hands down - 
  2. Ability to stand out in a crowd? Boy there are a lot of people and startups up her in SF these days and more coming everyday - advantage San Diego
  3. Recruiting? Lot's more tech folks up here but also lot's more competition - so for a small early stage startup I'd call it a draw -