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Is it cost effective to use a PR newswire, should it be industry specific? or general?

Irene Gardpoit Director / Architect at UUfie

October 6th, 2016

We want to release news on our service winning an award. Is PR newswires a good way to get the news out to a wide audience? is it cost effective? 
Is there a specific newswire we should use? general or industry specific? or based on location? 
We want to hit a target audience within Asia and North America. 

Any recommendations? and pricings we should anticipate?

Josh Kirschner Founder & CEO at Techlicious

October 6th, 2016

To Wendy's point, a press release over the wire will get your news out to a very large audience, but few will actually see or read it and it's very unlikely that any reporters are going to pick up a release about winning an award (unless it's something hugely prestigious. Most award programs are simply PR or licensing vehicles for the entity giving the award). So you won't get much out of a PR release beyond checking a box for your execs. If your focus is news coverage, you're going to have to do the one on one outreach to press and tell a great story about why this award matters. 

If your goal is to reach your customers (current and potential), the press release is not going to be helpful. Direct mailing (email) is the best approach for that. You can reference the press release in your mailing to help emphasize your story, but focus messaging on why someone external should care that you won the award. 

M. Dudar Chief Product Officer at FourthWall Media

October 6th, 2016

Yes, it's useful. Pricing is based on the length of the release and the specific lists you want to target. I have used PR Newswire but I'm sure others are comparable. Good luck and congratulations!

Robert Hoskins (4,400+)

October 6th, 2016

There are 4 main newswire services.,, and I have used them all over the past 27-years as both a journalist and PR/media relations expert. is the best because they are the most affordable and provide a great analytics report on where the press release went, how many people read it and how many clicked on the URL links in the press release.

It will cost around $250 for 400-words of text and one free logo. They sell extra blocks of words, video attachments and photo attachments for $50 to $125 each. If it is a big city like New York or LA, it will be more like $390.

You maybe tempted to use a free or very low cost wire service, but these are the wire services that fraudulent companies use so most reporters will ignore them simply because it take too much time to verify the companies.

Established companies always use one of the big 4 newswires.

Press used to be delivered by main frames to dumb terminals, known as buying a circuit. But in today's world press releases are feed by RSS feeds and where they go are determined by language and search engine optimization (SEO) keywords used in the headlines and first paragraph.

Press releases are still used by lots of reporters and bloggers, but now you can write a release specifically to reach your target audience of potential customers directly.  

Call me if you want to learn more.  

Wendy Marx B2B Public Relations Expert Takes You From Anonymity to The New York Times™, Turns SMBs Into Industry Icons

October 6th, 2016

First off, congrats on your award!

PRNewswire, Businesswire, Marketwire all charge by the word. PRWeb, which was also mentioned, doesn't. The first three newswires get your release to a lot of places but often times the newswire reports look good in terms of placements but they go to obscure parts of a big site that few people see.

For something like an award, I would recommend you go with a PRWeb, which is cheaper than the first three. That will get it in the search engines and also to targeted outlets. No newswire, however, is going to necessarily get you much in the way of press unless the news is phenomenal. You might yourself want to send a copy of your release to editors at a few of the topflight outlets in your space with a brief note about the implications of your award. You also may be able to piggyback on any press the organization offering the award is doing.

Good luck with this!

Jacob Nahin Account Supervisor at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide

October 6th, 2016

As a PR practitioner, I think it ultimately depends on your goals. If you are looking to receive editorial coverage of this award, it's unlikely you will see that kind of attention via a wire service. Wire services serve a very specific purpose: making sure there is something besides your website and social out there. 

The price difference between PR Newswire and BusinessWire is negligible, as is the pick-up of the release. PR Web is several times less expensive, but you won't see as much pick-up by the big outlets, and a bit more by the regional outlets. 

Also, I'd evaluate whether or not this is news that would be interesting to readers. If the answer is no, then reduce your expectations and spend accordingly. If the goal is simply to drive awareness about the accolades of your business for potential B2B connections, a simple social media post on LinkedIn/your other channels as applicable, along with a bit of content to frame it, can have the same effect and will cost you zero to distribute. 

Charlie Meyerson Connecting great work with growing audiences

October 6th, 2016

PR Newswire probably won't get you much mileage, except as a location to augment your direct connections with journalists. Don't expect that just publishing something there will get you coverage from anything but robots -- especially if it's just an announcement that you won an award (at some point in the past). Your time and money will be much better spent contacting reporters of interest directly. CM

Eti Nachum BlogsRelease

October 10th, 2016

Congratulations Irene,
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