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Is anyone interested in the Brazilian startup environment?

Songe LaRon Attorney

April 30th, 2013

Hi, I'm curious to see what people think about the long term prospects of Brazil or other markets in Latin America. Do you think that São Paulo will ever obtain a world-leading position as a catalyst for innovation and company creation? 

Stephen Peters Looking for the next challenge and opportunity

April 30th, 2013

At my last job I had the opportunity to meet some south american high-tech entrepreneurs. I don't have access to everyone's contact info anymore, but here's a Brazilian startup: I also met people from Uruguay and Argentina. The biggest complaint I remember hearing is that they don't have the robust support environment of angel investors and the like. - Steve

Jean-Baptiste Cossart Kingfish Group

April 30th, 2013

I think there is tremendous opportunity, particularly in those markets that are not as developed as Brazil or Chile. If you are looking to get involved in Latin American based entrepreneurship check out Polymath Ventures. (I helped set up the team down there). They are an incubator based in Bogota that launched last year and have a couple startups already running out of their inaugural class. Applications for the summer 2013 class are due within the week - if you're interested in joining that team send them a note ASAP.

Sergio Escobar Startup Ventures | Entrepreneurship Ecosystems | Impact Investment

April 30th, 2013

Sao Paulo is a mini-Brazil in itself. It has all components to become an innovation pole. 
Just came back from Rio where I was attending the GEC (Global Entrepreneurship Congress) and was surprised to see the effervescence of the ecosystem.

Gary Guseinov Nomad Entrepreneur

September 30th, 2015

Was hoping someone can point me in the right direction - where I can find:
- Brazilian (Sao Paulo)  mobile/web developers (meetups, sigs, marketplaces, job sites)
- Potential co-founders/c-level technology people (who live in Sao Paulo)

Appreciate your help!

Troy McCasland Founder & CEO at AgentSquared

September 30th, 2015

I have spent a good deal of time in Brazil over the past two years.  First in my role as VP Biz Dev for SiteApps based in Sao Paulo, setting up their web hosting partner program and signing up channel partners in North America and Western Europe.

Most recently I was in Brazil as VP of Biz Dev for SiteWit based in Tampa, setting up channel hosting partners with my web host contacts in Brazil.

Brazil is an amazing country:  great people, culture, food etc.   There are tremendous opportunities to export and import tech.  Brazil has a strong, fast growing economy. Office space in Sao Paulo costs about as much as in NYC. Brazil the 7th largest economy in the world and the largest in South America.  It has a vibrant technology sector with lots of highly skilled tech workers.  Like many developing countries, Brazil struggles with crime, corruption and bureaucracy

Many US based web hosts and other tech companies are expanding there and setting up operations in part because Brazil is about 5-7 years behind the US in terms of the adoption of modern business technology.  Only 25% of the businesses in Brazil have websites as compared to 50% in the US today.  In 2007 the US Census determined 25% of SMBs in the US had websites.  

Another example is e-commerce.  Only 25% of websites purchased in Brazil are done using credit cards as compared to 95% in the US.  In Brazil businesses don't use credit cards to pay for things.  They use form of payment called the Boleto.  When you buy something online using a Boleto you get a printout containing a barcode that you take to your bank and they handle the transactions. 

GoDaddy recently opened an office there and Hostgator has an office that's 4th largest host in Brazil.