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is anyone interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency world?

Julia Santos CEO @kriptaconsultoria and writter for cryptocurrency blogs

February 17th, 2019

What do you guys think about blockchain related and not related to cryptocurrency?

Aaron Evans

February 18th, 2019

It's important to keep in mind what blockchain is and what it isn't.

Blockchain is a way to guarantee the history and origin of something. It's a distributed ledger + checksum.

It's not a technical solution, it's a process of validation. Specific implementations can do different things.

it's not a monetary system. That's one application of blockchain. Lots of people have been looking for other creative ways of using blockchain, not all of them make sense.

Some attributes of of blockchain:

1. it's distributed -- there is no central authority needed.

2. it's guaranteed -- you can prove that a certain message is valid.

3. it requires work -- there is a non-trivial amount of reconcilliation needed guarantee

It's important to separate blockchain from cryptocurrency. The latter uses the for former, but the third point is the challenge -- the work required to prove transactions is the limiting factor in terms of being able to scale up transactions.

It may turn out that blockchain is more suitable for either limited transaction groups or for higher level transactions only.

Garett Laugavitz Building Pet Stick, the first educational and interactive crypto collectible on Ethereum.

July 9th, 2019

Hi there Julia! I've been very interested in blockchain for some time. I feel like the "currency" side is fairly crowded and there is a tide of "Bitcoin Maximalists" eschewing "alt coins" quite a bit.

That being said, I'm actually launching a "Crypto Collectible" or non-fungible token (NFT) on Ethereum. The poster child for the technology is the breakout hit or Gods Unchained (essentially Magic the Gathering but crypto cards). SuperRare also has some cool NFTs.. here's my collection of Crypto art: I also showcase them in a blockchain based VR world called cryptovoxels:,209N

The project I'm working on is called Pet Stick (cheeky I know) but they're actually really cool.

They're a 3D model of a stick that are procedurally (automatically) generated in Blender 3D modeling program and Python. They are exported in a format that'll work in the virtual reality world, Decentraland. You can sword fight with them, race them in rivers and compete in marksmanship contests in VR.

Each stick will also have off-chain content associated with it making this the first educational NFT.

Would love to chat with you or someone you know who may have some expertise in this area. I'm likely farming out the ERC-721 Smart Contract to someone on Upwork so I can start selling them and demonstrating traction. BUT I definitely am looking for a technical co-founder.



Mark Marasch CEO Maraschino Services LLC, Program Manager, Entrepreneur

February 17th, 2019

I'm in for both, Julia. For cryptos: separating political power from economics could really change things for mankind. However, blockchain has a long, long list of other uses. Robust, decentralized systems with immutable characteristics open a huge number of possibilities. Especially ones that disrupt current gatekeepers. Add a layer of privacy enhancements, and blockchain could actually be a catalyst that changes the world.

Dennis Maij CoFounder

February 17th, 2019

blockchain could be of use in many different areas but it is surely not the answere for everything. It seems that with startups it is the magic word. while it so often doesn't add anything to the idea.

Robert Kroos Crypto Writer & Digital Marketer

October 23rd, 2019

Blockchain is intended to disrupt the world by making every single process of the industries lighter and automated. Most of the industries which involve a large amount of data to be handled such as Banking, Finance, Governments would start adopting them in the near future!

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

February 17th, 2019

Yes, there a large collections of people looking to apply blockchain principles unrelated to currency (as well as those interested in currency applications). You can read countless discussions on such concepts under the blockchain header. I've been party to conversations about areas of business where I would never have imagined blockchain to be applied. Not every idea is going to be public, because if these ideas actually can turn into businesses, they could create a lot of value for the idea source.

CFL is not where you're likely to find out about them though. Join the blockchain conversation where it's happening, which is not here. Frankly, someone not directly involved in blockchain is going to have very little opinion or interest in talking about it. Although people have sought my opinion on blockchain-dependent business ideas and concepts, I tend to tune them out or refer them elsewhere because I have so little interest in this area. If you're in it, it seem to be a little bit fanatic. If you're not in it, like me, it's like a foreign language.

I expect you'll only find the answers you're looking for by talking to people who have pursued it already, not where it's merely a buzzword.