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I have startup that I want to take to the next level but, need help?


June 1st, 2019

I started a small business in my neighborhood preparing taxes and helping small owner open up corporation and getting their permits and licenses. I'm a college dropout due to financial circumstances, but I consider myself very clever, resourceful, jack of all trades and have a huge burning desire to succeed. I have worked in many industry but mostly in the Restaurant business. I have over 10 years of collective experience.

My idea is to turn what I already have into the #1 Consulting Firm in the Hispanic market. My plan is to establish a parent company and the a 3-4 subsidiaries on specialized areas. Along with that I want to also establish a business association , plan for an annual food expo for local restaurants.

There is nothing like it in the Hispanic Market which is a market that is growing at high speed but many small business owner are undereducated or just dont have the opportunity to dream bigger than their corner shop. I want my company to be the of the one that help the market grow steadily. At least starting in NY.

It's an ambitious project on my part, I dont even know how to put it all together or have the experience in all the area, although I'm familiar with all of them. I get what I need is a team that will share this same dream and passion and also don't even know how to start to look or prepare to look for funds. Loans are really hard for startups.

Any though, advice will be greatly appreciated!!


Natalya A Meyer Investment money saver. Business lawyer.

June 1st, 2019

Great idea, Vanessa. You are right as to the team, but even more so you need a plan and a strategy, with timeline and shared responsibilities (unless you want to do everything alone). I would start with that. I hope it helps. Good luck!

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

June 4th, 2019

My suggestion is to not tell people you are a jack of all trades. To most people it reflects poorly, like you are indecisive, or have a hand in everything but are master of none. Keep your vision of the future, but focus right now on being the absolute best as just ONE thing. When you hit a financial homerun with your one thing, use that monetary success to expand, one at a time, into the next thing your existing customers want you to do for them.

Don't share your long-term vision externally while building your best-in-class one thing. Keep it to yourself, and listen carefully to your customers to know which path will be the next best extension to your primary business. It will appear that you are growing smart and that you actually have focus.

It will also be considerably less stressful for you. Business services are a reliable steady stream of essential services. Restaurants have no money. Stick with the thing that's guaranteed to build a financial foundation for your dreams first. Hold your pie-in-the-sky ideas for later when you have the money to do whatever you want. It's like I tell people who are considering running a charity because there's a need. It's always better to go make a pile of money and give it to the existing charity of your choice than to have two similar charities struggle to exist because neither of them makes much money. It may be a need for the Hispanic community to have these services, but don't try to do them all at once or you will end up spread too thin and will master none of them, go out of business, and no one will be happy about it.

Rangnamei Roger Idea is 1%, execution is 99%. Enterpreneurship is about being opportunistic at the right time

June 3rd, 2019

Hello Vanessa!,

I believe your expertise is in - preparing taxes and helping small owner open up corporation and getting their permits and licenses. Have you thought of scaling up your services and try reaching out to more small business owners. Create a website and make use of social media sites like facebook, youtube, twitter, instagram to promote your consultancy expertise for your niche market.

You can still pursue your project idea and if you are looking for funds, i believe you need a detail project report for your idea to convince investors.