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I had unsuccessful launch on ProductHunt. What's next?

Slav Got cool idea for ANDROID app?

July 20th, 2017

My precious baby product which I have spent last 12 months working on just bummed on ProductHunt. It became obvious after 24 hours since I have posted my startup on ProductHunt because it received only 4 votes during first 2 hours and then it was buried by hundreds of other products listed at the same time as mine. I received very little traffic from ProductHunt even on the first day so I am not sure what to make out of this. Is this a red flag or should I ignore poor ProductHunt rating and move on?

My site has very low bounce rate such as 5-8% and about 25-30% of returned users. However, most of returned users were brought by paid and targeted Google traffic so they had very specific problem to solve which probably different from ProductHunt users who are looking for the next cool and shiny product with very sleek user interface.

Katerina Muradyan PM at Newmanity, love to discover and learn

July 20th, 2017

Hey Slav,

First of all, your message seems very sad. I wish you not to let you be depressed by this failure.

Second, I think you sould not leave your baby this easily. ProductHunt has its specific population and the likes would not neccesary bring you clients.

You didnt mention what your product is, but i think that there are a better means of getting traction on your webpage. Have you heard about the bullseye strategy ? Its about doing 3 levels of experience - you brainstorm ALL the traction channels ( really all of them including conferences and Speaches etc ... ) and you try to find a cheap way to test them all. Then you take the one that worked best - you do a series of (again cheap) experiements on which direction you should go.

- for example you think that posts on social networks worked well - but still there are so many ways to do it !

- then you should be able to start the real iteration process

Im sure you can find other great sources of clients !

WIsh you all the best !

Ahmed Hanafy rethinker

July 24th, 2017

do not give up focus on the 25-30% of returned users find out what is common between them so you could know who are your customers find out a way to reach them with targeted advertisement

James Corbishley Inventor and sustainable energy startup

Last updated on July 20th, 2017

If it isn't a fault with your product, maybe you didn't promote it well. Or possibly you just got bad luck. It would be interesting to see how many people actually saw your product. Was it presented in the middle of a big pile of other ideas and overlooked? Your text seems to suggest that might be the case.

Try to get as much honest feedback as possible and maybe try and pitch it in other places as well and see if the feedback or response differs. And also, try to get feedback on your pitch / product description.

When pitching my own idea, I have had a wide range of responses, from being ignored completely to getting a lot of interest and offers. I think a lot of it comes down to luck, so I would suggest trying a few more avenues before giving up, especially given the amount of time spent already.

James Hubert

July 20th, 2017

I think your last paragraph hits the nail on the head. ProductHunt users are in general probably nothing like who your real users would be. ProductHunt users are tech enthusiasts, and tech enthusiasts like products that use the hottest technologies and recent buzzwords in the industry. If your product doesn't perfectly fit that mold, you won't get much attention on PH.

Have you validated your market by approaching potential users yet?

Sudeep Bhatnagar I develop apps, talk apps, live apps.

July 20th, 2017

Producthunt isn't end of the world, it ain't even a tiny part of it. Thousands of products have gained success in the past and still doing so, beyond PH.

As you mentioned that your product solves a pretty specific problem and the one who comes to your site stays (which means you're offering some value), then you should focus on a more "specific targeted campaign" instead of feeling bad about the "generic" PH population (most of the PH users are there to promote their stuff anyways).

Keep doing good with paid campaign, explore the option of generating leads via social media contributions, try to get some press coverage (local, hyperlocal, or large scale), catch hold on some opinion leaders and get endorsements and repeat. I know what I said is quite generic but you can make it specific wrt your product in hand. Feel free to get in touch for more discussions, I'm an app developer though I do some marketing for our services at Agicent App Development Company and would be glad share my views further.

Prasad Raghojiwar CEO of particles inc. IOT and software

July 20th, 2017

Hey Slav ,

dont worry, producthunt won't decide the faith and future of your product , still long way to go and many other platforms are there raise and grow your venture to all together new heights. If you need any help in marketing or development do drop me an email.

email id:-raghojiwarprasad2@gmail.com

Rob Hirsch Traveler, nature lover, & entrepreneur

July 20th, 2017

Starting a company & marketing are about tests. See which of 5 marketing tactics generate the most traction and optimize the most promising to get better traction. Do this again, and again, and again. (and again).

If ProductHunt didn't work, move on.

BTW, in general the ROI of a marketing tactic is inversely proportional to it's popularity.

Corporate Authentication

July 20th, 2017

Product Hunt surfaces the best new products, every day. It's a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations.

Don't your mean searches for instead of searches. That's a huge mistake if you choose that world on purpose. Your kinda like a search engine so exchange the word surface and put searches web for the best new products everyday.

Bill Lennan Red Rope Social - everyone is an influencer.

July 21st, 2017

It could be as simple as product hunt's audience isn't your user demographic.

Who are your rabid fans?

Also - paid traffic isn't a real metric of organic traction.

What's your baby's URL?

Mike Duquet Director, CRO @Strawhouse, Former Web Optimization Lead @Hootsuite Enterprise, Lynda.com author

July 21st, 2017

Man, you created a tool, created its webpage AND got it on ProductHunt and you think that's unsuccessful? I'd consider the steps you've already taken super useful as an education and also in just getting it out there. Most people won't even do that - so hold your head up high.

Honestly, the site doesn't really doesn't address key user questions "What is it, how does it work, how much does it cost, why is it better than the competition" and the language is a little rough ("most easy way" for example).

I'd suggest connecting with a copywriter, website architect or content strategist on here. You've already come so far, they might be able to shore up a few of the website issues and help you grow your baby!