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I am looking for an e-gift card platform that allows you to create a branded e-gift card.

John Hrzic Growth Marketer, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Seeking investor & partner/co-founder for SaaS project

October 31st, 2019

I need a platform that will allow me to create a branded e-gift card. I need the user to be able to redeem the gift card in-app. I spoke to square.com but they are more for POS and reloadable gift cards. Thanks!

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

November 4th, 2019

There are half a dozen companies that do this, but there's nothing that is stopping you from having your own e-gift card system. The questions will be:

Where is it purchased?

What is the cost to be PCI compliant?

How will customers know gift cards are available?

Generally the model for e-gift cards is usually proprietary to the company that's redeeming them.