How to write a business proposal?

Marc Rubin Software Developer

January 19th, 2018

A company co-founders asked me to make a proposal for software development project for them. I've never done this before. What are the tools, resources, etc. to get started? And also how do I determine the budget in the proposal? From what I understand, I have to bring in a team to get started. How do I get started since it's my first proposal? I believe it is a contract work.

Vijay Amarshi Founder and CEO of PCYNE and CoFounder and Creative Director at 986 Pharmacy

January 20th, 2018

I make an animation and speak a few lines in the beginning and a few lines in the end. You have to be a marketer. People are learning skills and ideas through VR now. Make them believe in it. Make it a productions. Email me and I’ll show you a few samples.