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How to effectively extend the reach of my website via SEO and other avenues?

Nate Llerandi Head of Mid-Market Sales at Kapost

November 26th, 2015

I officially launched an endurance athlete coaching business, after coaching athletes "on the side" for the past 2+ decades.  While there are tons of coaches and services out there, a niche I'm particularly effective at helping and that is largely not catered to is the Masters sect (aged 40+).  Along with the website, I have a FB page and Twitter account.  I religiously blog weekly on the website, then tie the blog to the FB and Twitter sites.  I also Tweet daily -- an insight as well as curating information from other Tweets and hashtagging relevant audiences.  My Twitter following is steadily rising but still under 80 followers  Website analytics show a significant spike on the days I blog; the spike has grown over time from 40-60 clicks to 160-180 (so still small).

I know I can be doing more to increase my reach, but not sure what those things are and which are worth the time/investment to gain a larger clientele.  I currently work with about a dozen athletes and am looking to grow it modestly to 40-50.  I feel my max capacity is around 80 athletes.  But, 40 allows me to quit my current job (Head of Mid-Market Sales for a SaaS company) and just focus on the coaching business.

To be clear, this is an online service.  I work with athletes worldwide and can take my business anywhere since it's not 1:1 in person.  I also understand there will be a mix of long-term (multi-year) and short-term (less than a year) athletes with whom I work, so I will need a steady flow of short-termers who will keep the yearly count at around 40+.

All thoughts welcome.  Thank you in advance.

Mike Masello

November 27th, 2015

SEO is generally a good mid to long-term traffic strategy. I took a quick look at your site and you'll want to learn basics around title tags and other easy wins. For example you don't want to have the site URL as part of the title tag (your coaching page has a title of "Coaching Philosophy -"

You can learn from a site like Google "moz seo cheat sheet" or read up on the free beginners guide they've posted.

Posting to a blog is good to show Google you're an authority with a lot of unique content. Best of luck.

Nate Llerandi Head of Mid-Market Sales at Kapost

November 27th, 2015


Thank you for the response and ideas.  My coaching site is

I have not used Quora or Reddit, so will have to start doing so.

Thanks again,

Shehryar CSM Development Manager at AT&T Mobility

November 27th, 2015

If I understand correctly, you offer online coaching to athletes on their diets, workout routines, etc? Do you care to share you website address, that will help with suggesting ideas.

Have you tried using sites like Quora or Reddit? These are Q/A sites, people post their specific questions. You can provide answer/advice for free with a link back to your site. Your answer will be seen by large number of people depending on the question but if your answer is good it will help you generate leads to your site. You can build your expertise/reputation among those communities.

Roy Gonzales CEO at Zobily

November 29th, 2015

Listen, this is a very if not impossible way to grow your business. Most online companies fail because they don't understand the most important part customer acquisition cost. You will more than likely spend more money and time to acquire someone than its worth. Scale is everything online and if you have a large enough interested demographics and the cost makes sense than your on your way. Doing a little blog and social media post is a LONG and PAINFUL road. Good luck

Nate Llerandi Head of Mid-Market Sales at Kapost

November 29th, 2015

Thank you, Michael. This is helpful information and much appreciated. 

Mike Masello

December 10th, 2015

the latest FD post from a founder of Zapier illustrates how SEO plays a role:

How important has SEO been for Zapier’s overall growth? What do you think about the idea of SEO “hacks?”

"Search is definitely a valuable channel for us. A lot of people go to Google when looking for solutions to problems. We’ve set up our site so that when people are searching for certain types of integration, we have pages that potential users can land on and sign up. That’s really valuable. I don’t think there’s really any hack that you can do."

Kevin Carney Content Marketing works, but needs better tools.

December 7th, 2015

Nate, What increases website rankings and visitors etc is regular publishing, with your marketing intention layered on top of the regular publishing. I have an on demand webinar that runs 27 minutes that explains this. I know 27 minutes is a long video, but many people have told me they've learned a lot just from watching the video. The registration link is below. Kevin Carney *Inbound Marketing University * 650-444-1318