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How to cultivate an advice-based culture?

Amber Pollard Founder

Last updated on January 22nd, 2018

I want a founding principle behind my company to be that it actively gathers, reflects, recognizes and executes advice from others.

While I don't plan to do everything anyone asks, I do want to find a way to incentivize input and make them feel their input has value.

I'd like to find multiple ways for users, employees, cohorts etc to give input or opinions, I want to create a process that uses the my effort (or the efforts of my company to draw-out, hear, understand) thoughts that are handed however rough, angry, ill-conceived or poorly worded, even now as I create a landing page for my idea in its pre-funded stage, I want it to have a way for people to give lots of input, even or especially if they hate my idea.

What advice would you have for me on this, how these sorts of mechanisms work and how people feel rewarded for giving advice ?

All thoughts, of course, are welcome! 😀

Thank you!

David M

February 3rd, 2018

Pay attention to human psychology. I wrote more but Cofounders lab has a glitch with not being able to edit in text.