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How to create an interest of your product for your target market?


Last updated on August 28th, 2018

Have launched a website for solar industry professionals called iSolarWorld. How can we reach out to them for their feedback and needs and subsequently promote the website?

Raghu Ranjolkar Strategy & Marketing Consultant

Last updated on September 15th, 2018

The best option is to employ Content - Driven Marketing.

Content marketing has become a game changer in the field of marketing because it establishes your brand as an authority.

All content marketing begins with content.It’s in the name after all. But most of us only focus on creating content that drives brand awareness.So, finally, it’s time we talk about Content –Driven Marketing.

Trust me, it’s not a tactic it’s a strategy. Content marketing provides traffic for your website, when you are constantly putting out knowledgeable content, your website visitors will take notice and this is awesome for your marketing potential. This means you should be thoughtful about the content you write as well as how frequent you come out with new content.

Remember, more is not always better… better is better. If you have competitors, your expertise can make you look far more professional than someone else who puts out lackluster content.

Content –Driven Marketing is a commitment to using content to reach and engage with the audiences that are important to your business, including customers, prospects, employees, investors, and more. It’s a commitment to give first, before you get. It’s a commitment to educate before you sell. It represents an understanding that consumers are intelligent, discerning people who are going to choose your product or service only if it’s the best option, and not because you had the most money to spend on a fancy advertising package.

The goal of content marketing is to keep your business on top of mind with your target audience, provide them with helpful information they care about that relates to your brand, and to give them consistent opportunities to become customers, remain customers, and enlist others to become customers-all without pushing them to buy.One of the most important keys to a successful content marketing strategy is to identify the niche your business occupies. Many companies make the mistake of trying to fill several niches, believing that a broader appeal will bring them more customers. This type of general thinking dilutes your marketing message and makes your business less appealing to your target customers, with little if any advantage to winning over non-target customers.

The best way to define a profitable niche for your business is to look for an area with an unmet or undeserved need, and then fill that need with your products or services. You may have specialty products or services that already appeal to a specific audience, or you might find that your business can be better at a certain aspect of the customer experience than any other business in your industry or area.An in-depth understanding of your target market can help you create and deliver highly effective content.

At the heart of content marketing is the idea that it's all about the content-not the marketing. In order to be effective, content marketing must be passive.Effective content marketing delivers value to the reader or viewer. Each piece of content you offer should provide something your audience can use or appreciate.

The final piece of your content marketing foundation involves deciding on the style and the frequency of your content. Generating a constant flow of fresh content is important for success, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to create new content every day.Content marketing is a powerful form of advertising for any business.

Rather than pressuring your audience into buying, content marketing allows you to establish a strong connection with your target market, and build relationships that lead to long-term business growth and profitability.

With content marketing, you can dramatically increase your online visibility, expand your audience, reach new customers and generate fresh leads, and develop a loyal following who will go on to market your business for you.Build a strong foundation for content marketing, and focus on generating quality content that will engage your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

November 1st, 2018

This question seems very late to think about. Why would you launch a site without reaching out to its potential users in advance of making (uninformed) decisions?

While Raghu has suggestions about promoting ANY web site, they're not unique to your situation.

My first questions about iSolarWorld would be:

1) How does BI assist anyone in your industry?

2) What problem is your site solving?

3) What is the value of the content offered compared to other options for that information?

4) What are you selling?

5) Why is none of the imagery related to the solar industry?

6) How is this a platform (what is it enabling)?

I can't figure out the answers to any of these questions looking at your web site today, so I can't say that even if I were a solar industry professional, that I would have the first clue what to do with it. You likely need to think hard about the answers to those six questions as a start, and be able to answer them immediately with the first impression a visitor to your site gets. I'd have the same types of questions regardless of which industry the site was built for.