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How to conduct interactive virtual educational sessions; which platforms/tools?

Charlene MD, MPH CEO & Founder, ReciproCare, Halcyon Fellow

April 3rd, 2014

I would like to build interactive virtual educational workshops, with exercises, for groups of 15-25.  What type of technology could support this?
Any tips for making these sessions look sleek and professional?

Gary, Astho

April 4th, 2014

There are 2 sets of similar tools out there for that if I understand your need correctly: LMS (Learning Management Systems) and Survey systems. Lots of mature open source tools among them.

LMS is probably what u r after.

To look sleek you could get away with as little as a designer and CSS/HTML wiz that will tweak the theme of the tool or take a programmer for in depth re factoring of the front end.
Hope my $0.02 help.

Garrett Link VP Product at Cozi, Inc.

April 4th, 2014

There are many platforms and products that work as software-as-a-service that can likely support your needs.  I've had extensive experience delivering online lessons to folks learning languages (e.g. English or French) in global environments.  Feel free to reach out to me directly ( and I can help you zero in on something that is appropriate for your needs.  

Canvas is one of the newer platforms gaining a lot of adoption:  and is on the high end of LMS (learning management system) functionality.  

Articulate is another interactive product that allows narrative and Q&A.

I'd need some more information to help you close in on the right choice.   Is there live teaching?  Are there reporting requirements to the student?  To an organization?  To your business?  Do you need e-commerce / rights management of some kind?  How often will content be updated?  Who are your target learners?  In what environment will the be (classroom, workplace, home).  And so on. 

Charlene MD, MPH CEO & Founder, ReciproCare, Halcyon Fellow

April 4th, 2014

Thank you for the excellent and really relevant suggestions! I love the expertise on Founder Dating.

Garrett - I will follow up with you separately.

Taylor Dondich Vice President of Engineering at MaxCDN

April 5th, 2014

Will love to see what you come up with.  I have a language education startup that is rich in community.  The entire learning management system was built from the ground up to be socially competitive and collaborative.  So would love to see other people's approach.

Arthur Veytsman Founder at Immerss, 6x Entrepreneur & Angel Investor. Building relationships with Angel Investors worldwide.

April 4th, 2014

Hi Charlene, I believe the product we're building (closed beta release scheduled for mid may) is just what you're looking for.  I'd love to chat.  What's your availability late next week?


April 4th, 2014

Last year, I took a virtual GRE course with Kaplan. Between the great feel of their web-based classroom environment and their teaching approach, which sought consistent participation and validation, it was a great experience, and one that I would like to eventually replicate for my venture. You may want to reach out to Kaplan's Tech team to learn more.

Ian McLean Developing Startup Grunt, Tech Co-Founder

April 4th, 2014

Charlene, check out SkillShare.