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How to advertise product with user based content?

Eugene Maltsev

June 18th, 2020

Hi there.

I currently working on a web app for language exchange between people.

So it definitely depends on user count and user activity.

How I can check my MVP?

I thinking about spending a little budget on google ads/Facebook ads during months. And get some feedback. Is it a good way ?:)

I need some advice.

Peter Achutha Alternative Thinking

Last updated on June 19th, 2020

Does MVP mean most valuable player?

Are you asking about visitor counts and do you have a website from which this web app runs? If so you can check with AWStats or Webalizer. Webalizer stopped upgrades many many years ago. And some servers don't implement Awstats any more. But there must be a visitor log and an error log somewhere on your server. You will have to check with your hosting support.

Gaurav Need a BDM for ASEAN Market

June 19th, 2020

Hi Eugene,

There are many apps and websites out there which run on this same principle. Language learning requires dedication. On these kinds of apps and websites, people register but slowly fades away. If a person wants to make a living and a particular language is required, they prefer an institution to learn it from which also help them clearing a language-based test. People who want to learn it for fun, they usually go to youtube and from there they lose their interest.

Even if you want to test your MVP, ask your friends and families to rate it. In this way you won't have to spend anything on it.

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

June 21st, 2020

If you started with product (your web app) and are just now testing to see whether people like it, I'm afraid you went about things backward.

If you're still in development, I highly suggest stopping all development immediately and switching to the first step for any business, marketing strategy. That includes your fundamental research and validating each of your assumptions.

You do not need to have a minimum viable product to test the market. Quite the opposite. You test the market to teach you what should be in your MVP. Marketing always needs to come before product. There are lots of discussions both here on CFL and elsewhere talking about how to conduct your marketing strategy and validation steps.

Mato Gat Helping you with exponential progress by coaching and networking.

July 3rd, 2020

Offer 3 months free membership by invitation only to a "pre release" closed app version and collect user opinion. Invest a small amount to find early adopters that would promote you through referring free access and incentive them by offering free after launch access once they sing up a certain number of free users.... this way you get users and adopters + testers and market opinion.

If you need any advice or coaching for exponential results, I'd be glad to help.

Peter Achutha Alternative Thinking

June 22nd, 2020

Hi Eugene,

Interesting that there are so many answers to your question.

Paul Garcia, you may be right in certain situations but my experience has been the opposite.

I began a WordPress website many years ago, probably 2010, and it was hacked almost everyday and no one could help me. I then decided to develop my own anti hacking firewall for my WordPress site.

I think if I had asked around whether there would be a need for hacker protection of WordPress websites the answer would definitely be yes. It would have been unnecessary to ask that question as many WordPress bloggers were facing the same situation. Worst still when I tried to sell the early versions of my program the pirates came to try to copy my work and implement my techniques into their programs. Worst still there was unbelievable amount of fake knowledge about hackers which if I had followed would have led me to develop a bad ineffective product.

It is 7 plus years now and I have developed a very unique and powerful product which even the web hosting companies tried to hack and copy. I made a police report to the FBI in one instance and warned others that I have done so. It is easy for them to copy any unencrypted PHP files in your websites on their servers. They will then implement your code on their servers and advertise that their servers are the safest, most hacker proofed serves and make more money from your work without compensating you for all your hard work.

Luckily all my products PHP code is encrypted when placed on private third party web hosting servers. I tell you those tech support guys made my life very difficult because they could not copy my work.

In short if you are developing products in the high tech industry please keep it a secret until you have a robust, effective and wonderful product otherwise every Tom, Dick and Harry will try their best to copy your work and come out with similar versions and take your market share from you.

- Peter