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How much would you pay for someone to get you a face to face B2B sales meeting with the following levels in an average organisation?

Dean Mokhtar Co-founder/CEO of Stonehenge QA Egypt

June 11th, 2018

1/ C-Level

2/ Director

3/ Mid-Management

Would the price change according to if they're SMB, Corporate, or Fortune 500?

What would the dollar value be to you to get those meetings set up for you, with no effort on your part?

David M

Last updated on June 11th, 2018

The question could be more specific. But I charge % of equity and % of sales for C-Level and or decision makers and that is for a direct line to the CEO usually, who many times is a member of the Forbes 400 or runs a company with billions in yearly revenue. However, in my contract the contingency for my compensation is that a deal is actually reached whereby the parties agree to partner on the sought after relationship. And I do this because there are too many hacks running around promising all they can do and not delivering, which gives entrepreneurship a bad name.

As far as mid management, it would depend on what they were bringing to the company. Is that contact to mid management bringing a big sales contract? If so, definitely a percentage of sales. If it is a deal that establishes the company...equity may be due...but again depends on a plethera of elements.

Paying for contacts or entry has never made sense to me on either end...pay for results.

Furthermore, your question is not accurately positioned in that you state, "With no effort to you." Any meeting takes the effort of the entrepreneur unless he/she is completely lazy or incoherent. Strategy has to be developed prior to aligning such reviews or meetings in order to build the foundation for a successful positioning.

As for the price changing...good thought. So again, Im not one who supports getting paid for a contact or paying for a contact because again...that accomplishes only so much, and I want results. Now results through contacts is a completely different value prop, than simply contacts. And again, for me that is where your question has a fundamental flaw in its presentation. But...I can certainly see where a less impacting potential partner might not warrant the same fee. But again...what are the desired results. If the desired results are X amount of revenue...it may be that the fortune 500 company allows for that, but it could also be that the up and coming one is also capable of X. Thats why I say...all about what results one is seeking. Can't evaluate fee to support or gain those results when you approach the question just as fee for contacts. Contacts never leads to success alone. It is the strategy and resources with which those contacts are approached and the door opened.

Ben Dooley Digital and Product Strategy, Analytics, Business Development

June 11th, 2018

Coming from a BD background, I would charge a % of equity and commission on the introduction. This would de-risk both the person getting the meetings and you as there is no cash out of pocket.

There are a lot of companies out there that can't deliver on their product definitions, or have a weak value proposition once you dig into it further.

David M

June 12th, 2018

Ben makes a great point about entrepreneurs having a weak product. One of the challenges I face in doing these types of introductions is that not all entrepreneurs can deliver in fact more than not won't deliver. So I have to pick the ones I feel confident in. For companies I really believe in that I believe need me in the role of COO, I move that route and can more aptly integrate the needed strategy and operational approach. The challenge is two fold. The entrepreneur wants a valid approach to someone or company who can really amp up business, usually through brand awareness. But the bigger challenge is for the person making the introduction. It is the strategy behind the contact and approach that often opens the door, not the entrepreneurs "brilliant" "never been done before" product that...actually in most cases has been done before or is currently being done by at least a dozen other people.

Years ago I pitched a well known investor, before he was on a show focussed on entrepreneurs and pitching. I thought I had a great idea...never saw it..assumed it had never been done. So I sent him an email and he responded that he liked the idea, and had actually pitched something similar to some people he knew. He didn't respond because I had a great idea, but because I positioned some of the projects and other people I had worked with. The door opening factor was in fact years of working with people he recognized. Some entrepreneurs don't understand that. Its not just a pitch. Its a trip to the well. BIG difference.

There are only so many "trips to the well." The smart and competent entrepreneurs understand this and they are more than happy to compensate fairly. But there are always the low ballers who do not understand the concept of the well, are unwilling to pay the premium for the risk, and for this rarely attract the people who know how to get past the gate keepers or go directly to the source. Then they whine about not being able to get results. To get results, one has to invest at the level results occur. And that is not cheap.

D. Scott Mattson CEO and President, Customer Support Networks/Game Center Group

June 15th, 2018

We pay a residual based commission as a % of gross revenue monthly. Our contracts typically run 12- months so the payout is usually substantial. As the process with the clients grows over time so does the take home revenue to the sales team. We have tried paying a flat fee for an online meeting or demo but kept getting unqualified leads.